How to determine authentic Jerden Kingsmen 45 single

LOUIE LOUIE by Kingsmen on Jerden record label

With my little LOUIE website, I get a lot of requests for information about determining prices for certain LOUIE recordings. Here’s an example of a recent inquiry I received regarding a Jerden 45 by the Kingsmen:

I have a 45 of Louie Louie on the original Jerden label on Ebay now, I was just wondering what you thought it might be worth. I’ve never really seen one for sale before.

I’m not the best choice when it comes to determining the prices of these records, but luckily I’m friends with a team of experts. My pal Clay Stabler is the most knowledgable person when it comes to identifying the various attributes of LOUIE LOUIE 45 singles. In fact, if you look at the official Kingsmen website, you’ll see that Clay was responsible for creating the official discography.

Here’s what Clay wrote regarding the Kingsmen 45 on the Jerden label:

There are multiple reissues/bootlegs of Jerden 712. Only the original pressing with the Monarch pressing plant stamp and 47668/47669 matrix numbers is valuable — upwards of $50 for a near mint copy. The others with JD 30/JD 31 matrix markings have no intrinsic value and are worth only what someone is willing to pay for a reissue/bootleg copy of the original.

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