Armitage Shanks – LOUIE of the Week

Armitage Shanks was a British manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and plumbing supplies. The company that became Armitage Shanks was founded in 1817 by Thomas Bond in Armitage, Staffordshire. The Armitage “sanitary pottery manufacture” became a successful UK toilet manufacturer. In 2004 Armitage Shanks had eight factories in the UK, the largest in Armitage, Staffordshire. Armitage Shanks was one of the sponsors of the Loo of the Year Awards.

In 1980 Armitage Shanks was purchased by Blue Circle Industries, and in February 1999 Blue Circle sold its bathroom division (consisting of Armitage Shanks and the Italian Ceramica Dolomite) to U.S. based American Standard Companies for $430 million. Following this purchase, the Armitage Shanks brand disappeared outside the UK, as their former export markets, such as those in east Asia, moved over to the American Standard brand. American Standard were acquired by Bain Capital in 2007.

Armitage Shanks was reclaimed as the name of an English punk garage band that was formed in 1990.

I just recently found out about this band, and their song “Louie Louie Music,” which is a wonderful little LOUIE LOUIE mutant that embraces the iconic Richard Berry melody, while adding an extra flavor to make it their own unique creation.

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