Thad Hollot – LOUIE of the Week!

Thad Hollot wins this week’s LOUIE of the Week award with his recording of “LOUIE freakin LOUIE.” When you go to his MySpace page, you can hear his version and read these words:

Thad Hollot- LOUIE freakin LOUIE

this is just a page i made to let y’all hear a little song that my good friend brad and i made in my basement living room one day. little known fact, brad and i wrote this song a long long time ago, and this is the way it was meant to be played. brad did the vocals and the ‘vocal solo’. i did everything else. the story behind the solo is a funny one. i do not like to solo, so i asked will to stop by and record one. he didnt show, and brad just went wild with his own solo. louie louie in a liquid form runs through brad’s veins, and he was able to put the spirit of the song into that solo. if brad were to get cut, louie louie itself would stain the ground in all its sonic beauty. we have ‘priests’ that we have trained to follow brad everywhere he goes, so they can mop up all of the louie that spills from brad’s body and put the louie-drenched rags in a tabernacle. we take time out of our day every four hours to face the tabernacle and bow before it and pray. after a few months, however, the louie starts to go sour and it smells aweful. we employ a man who dresses in white robes who takes out the stale louie-rags, burns them, and buries the ashes after a long and complex ceremony that nobody is ever allowed to view. i suppose it is comparable to a cross-burning, in the sense that a religios relic is being burnt. it is nothing like a cross-burning in any other way. we have services every sunday evening for the Elite, and they consist of an african-american choir singing louie louie and everyone else worshiping a picture of Richard Berry. everything else that occurs in the services is private and not to be spoken of.

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