Who were the Sacred Cows? … and WHAT’s their connection to LOUIE universe?

Some of you may be asking “Who are the Sacred Cows?…. and WHAT was their connection to the LOUIE LOUIE universe?”

Luckily, Michael Davies shared an insightful comment to set the record straight …

I have been a fan of the Wailers for many years and believe that Episode 15 of Season Three of Get Smart entitled ‘The Groovy Guru’ and starring Larry Storch as the Guru features a trio of Musicians called the Sacred Cows who perform a whacked out song called KILL, KILL, KILL. My research indicates this group was comprised of Jerry Scheff, Ben Benay and John Greek. Hope you all find this of interest. RIP John

John Greek of the Wailers

And there you go… the late John Greek was a founding member of the Wailers, the Pacific Northwest band that many folks believed created the consummate version of the song LOUIE LOUIE. John actually left the Wailers before they recorded the song with Rockin’ Robin Roberts, but I think the band was performing it prior to John’s exit…

You can learn more about John Greek by visiting the obituary I wrote for him in a previous LOUIE REPORT blog entry.

Here’s a clip of the Sacred Cows, as seen on the Get Smart television show…


2 comments to Who were the Sacred Cows? … and WHAT’s their connection to LOUIE universe?

  • Merri Sutton

    Go figure!

  • Axeman

    DOES anyone have the ORIGINAL recording made for that ep? The full version without editing?
    I would love to cover it my self, but would love a copy of the full song, not from the GS scene in the KAOS studio!

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