Let’s Get Lost and other future E.P. eBay auctions

I do need to thin out my massive collection. I have a lot of things in my archive, and I am running out of room in a crowded little house. Then again, there’s also that “lack of money” thing. I’m still grumbling about missing the Sonics reunion in New York tonight. If certain folks would have paid me for work I did two months ago, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

It’s time to sell out. Make some extra dough. Get some more space. Find some folks with money willing to pay top dollar on eBay. I’ve decided to try a little experiment. Rather than just post some of these items immediately, I’ve decided to write up a preview list of things I plan to sell, which I’ll post to this very blog, and the eBay auctions themselves.

Let's Get Lost with Chet Baker- the Japanese laser disc

One particular that really should bring me some decent money will be the Japanese laser disc of the jazz documentary “Let’s Get Lost” starring Chet Baker. This is one of my personal favorites, and it’s been out of print for a long time. I’m guessing the Chet Baker estate probably had some second thoughts about re-issuing this film, as some of the family members don’t come across too favorable. Then again, Chet Baker didn’t come across that favorable, as he was a manipulative con-artist, junkie romantic that broke a lot of hearts and hurt a lot of people. That being said, this is a fascinating story about a very talented man that made beautiful music. The photography of this documentary is also quite beautiful, as it’s directed by fashion photographer Bruce Weber, and showcases some stunning photos taken in the 1950’s by William Claxton. This film has never been on DVD, and finding a VHS copy is a real challenge. What I’ll be selling is an extremely rare Japanese laser disc. If you don’t mind reading Japanese subtitles, this may be a perfect addition to your archives.

Some of the other goodies I plan to be offering in near future auctions include:

  • autographed items by Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead), the Doors (Ray and Robbie),
    Jack Ely & Courtmen (original Kingsmen vocalist)
  • Laser disc of long-out-print rock music documentary "Let’s Spend the
    Night Together
    " starring the Rolling Stones
  • Laser disc of cult-classic horror film "Freaks"
  • Obscure and common music magazines from 1960s-1970s (Rolling Stone, Changes,
    Crawdaddy, Creem, Mojo Navigator
    , various hippy anarchist underground papers),
    including some obituaries of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and others
  • Long out-of-print book on Jimi Hendrix & Seattle music "Voices
    From Home" by Mary Willix
  • 1964 yearbook from Douglas High School, Portland, Oregon
  • EC Comics Picto-Fiction magazines (rare publication from publisher of MAD
    magazine, Tales From Crypt, Weird Science
    , etc)
  • Empty bottles of ultra-rare LOUIE LOUIE wine cooler

You can see my auctions by clicking here. All auctions will last 10 days, and I hope to sell most of these items well before the Christmas rush in case some of you want to use this to buy something special for someone you love.

MORE: The New York Film Forum recently had a special showing of “Let’s Get Lost” with a new 35mm transfer. Click here to read all about it.

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