Three Day Stubble – LOUIE of Week

Three Day Stubble is a band that’s been around for 30 years, and I’d say most of you folk probably never heard of ’em. Formed in Houston, Texas, this band has been plugging away for three decades, mostly in the San Francisco bay area.

There’s quite a history behind this band- playing all sorts of legendary divebars around the USA. Would you believe they actually opened for Faith No More back in the day when Courtney Love was the lead singer? Their official website has all the details…

Next month, the band is doing some kind of 2-day “30 Anniversary Nerd Fest” in San Francisco at the Hemlock.

Hmm… I guess they didn’t want to push it three days? Oh well…

Here’s a clip of Three Day Stubble performing LOUIE LOUIE at Cathay de Grande in Hollywood, CA in 1983.


More details about this band at

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