Margie (1967 Columbia) – LOUIE of Week

It’s time for another archival version of THE SONG from the 1960s. Here’s a new discovery for me….

Margie was a Columbian rock-pop singer in the 1960’s. She recorded a Spanish version of LOUIE LOUIE known as “Pelirrojo Louie” in 1967 for her album “Cartel de Publicidad,” which was released by Zeida Codiscos Records.

I haven’t been able to find very much information about her, but various web-entries have referred to her music as “proto-punk.”

If anyone has any information about Margie… perhaps a copy of this extremely rare record, or just provide me with a better photograph of this very rare album, that would be wonderful!

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  • Jack

    Sounds a bit like Gail Harris used to sound when singing for the Wailers. Of course that was before they were the “Fabulous Wailers.”

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