Recap of LOUIE FEST 2007

Has it really been a week since the LOUIE FEST took place? It has been one extremely busy week for yours truly since this event happened. As I type this, I’ve got less than 2 hours before I head off for a one week excursion into the big Burning Man party in the Nevada desert. I’ve never been to this thing before, but I’ve invited to work on a documentary project, so I figured I’d go for it. What the hey… sounds like a lot of fun…

Here’s some photos from the LOUIE FEST:

George Barner

George Barner, Northwest musician and major proponent of the Washington state LOUIE LOUIE initiative, models a vintage T-shirt from his collection.

Natalis Group

The Natalis Group was responsible for coordinating all the audio-video tech stuff behind the LOUIE FEST, as well as the webpage. These guys are my pals – Robert Mackie, Hope Mackie, Steve Carlson and some guy driving the golf cart whose name I didn’t catch.

Merri & Mall Security

Merri Sutton, one of the major coordinators of this year’s LOUIE FEST, poses for a photo with Mall Security, one of the first bands I’ve ever seen with an original version of LOUIE LOUIE on their MySpace page. Did you know that this band actually embraced Llamas as a mascot before LLAMAS was ever founded? Intuitive, wouldn’t you say? I’m guessing it has something to do with mental floss….

Lori the Tongue Lady

Lori Morisette, aka “Tongue Lady,” shows off her serious appreciation for the Rolling Stones with a tooth tattoo.

EP with Jeff & RF

Besides the silly guy on the left with the straw hat (that would be me), this photo includes Debbee Adams (publisher of 60’s Beat), Ron Fowler of Jeff & the RF’s (wearing a hat that would make Paul Revere proud), Jan Cramer, and Jeff Fowler, aka the Jeff in Jeff & the RF’s.

For the remainder of the week, I’m going to try an experiment. I wrote up some other entries last night, but I’ll schedule them to show up at different days of the week. If I happen to stumble upon a LOUIE story and have access to the internet, I’ll try to post ’em live from Burning Man. Otherwise… I’m vacation this week!

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