Hail Hail Marcel Chouinard!

Marcel Chouinard

One of the great highlights of my trek to the Pacific Northwest was a chance to visit with singer Marcel Chouinard in Canada. During the early 1960’s, Marcel was one of earliest performers to perform LOUIE LOUIE on television. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had a regional musical television show entitled “Let’s Go” and Marcel performed this song on this show, backed by The Nocturnals.

In the Vancouver, British Columbia region, Marcel Chouinard had a fairly successful career performing music with his band Sound Unlimited. He discussed his career in a recent email:

I don’t want to disappoint you, but I don’t have any other recordings at all, except for the 3 shows I did for CBC. I had my own local band and sang in the Vancouver area for a few years. I do not have any original material, I did not write any songs.

I was approached by a gentleman from “Teenagers of the Pacific” agency (who was handling Paul Revere and Englebert Humberdick at the time to come to Hawaii. Also an agent from RCA-Canada. At that time, my drummer got killed in an auto accident going home from the club one night. Then our Organ player got killed 6 months later in an accident, so we (the band) decided to just pack it in.

When THE MEANING OF LOUIE documentary is finally released, the world will learn more about Marcel Chouinard.

To be continued…..

UPDATE: I’m sad to report that Marcel passed away on October 12, 2009. View the LouieLouie.net obituary by clicking here.

13 comments to Hail Hail Marcel Chouinard!

  • Maureen Rollinson

    What a fun time that was! Marcel was a great singer and his band was fab! Could he not have smiled for the picture? Thanks for giving him some coverage he really deserves it. Of course I would say that. He’s my brother.

  • Ferone Kronstein

    Of course I will be another one to say that many many many years ago, Marcel used to hang around Kits Beach and he would sing and I thought he sounded fabulous. He had all the girls dreamy eyed. including me !! Do not forget that he was also in Richmond at a club…..I for one am looking forward to some more news about Marcel from those days. I wait anxiously for The Meaning of Louie to be released.

  • Bruce Lang

    I remember Marcel & Sound Unlimited at my High School Grad dance of May 1966. Seems like a million years ago!! They were great; especially Marcel!!

  • Karen Whitman

    I have seen the performance of Louie Louie by Marcel Chouinard and is by far the best I have seen!! Looking forward to The meaning of Louie and more news of Marcel.

  • Suzanne Chouinard

    Marcel was a very kind and generous man. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him a few times in Vancouver with his sister Maureen. We love you and we will miss you Marcel…

    Sincere sympathy to all the Chouinard’s family,

    Suzanne Chouinard

  • Natalie Chouinard

    I am very lucky to have met you Marcel. Thanks for sharing the DVD of your performance of Louie Louie. It is great. You are in our hearts and will not be forgotten…

  • Ramona Williams (Chouinard)

    I have the VCR tapes and DVD. When I watch him sing I can see why my mom fell head over heals for him. He had the voice and looks to go with it. RIP love your daughter and grand-daughter.

  • Michelle Rollinson

    Marcel was a fabulous singer. I remember when I was young and he would sing for us, he sounded like Elvis! I know how excited he was about this documentary!I can’t wait until it is done. Thank you for giving him the recognition he deserves. We love you and miss you! Love your niece Michelle.

  • Ferone Kronstein

    Marcel, you are gone but will not be forgotten.

  • Maureen Rollinson

    It is still hard for me to believe that Marcel is gone. We all miss him very much.
    Thank you all for the kind words and stories.
    The club they played in in Richmond was called The Surf Club,Ferone.
    His memorial was on Oct.24/09 and was full of family and friends. Marcel is now at Ocean View Cemetery.
    Love you always Marcel.
    Maureen and Bob

  • Wayne Carew

    I remember Marcel well. My sister dated him for a number of years. At the time we had our own band in Abbotsford, and frankly, were full of ourselves until hearing Sound Unlimited. We were invited to hear them at the Surf Club in Ricmond, and the first song I recall Marcel singing was ‘Unchained Melody’. We were in awe. What an incredible voice. Remember the Hawaii offer, and sadly the accident on the Oak Street bridge that killed the drummer (can’ remember his first name..maybe Gary?)Ward, another class A person. Thought Marcel & Sound Unlimited would become one of the premier bands north of 49, but fate conspired. R.I.P. guys, miss the magic music.

  • Guy held rich

    My grandfather was a friend of marcel, I have some photos of him from 1933 with some of his friends. Rip

  • Guy helfrich

    Oops last name messed up

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