LOUIE FEST 2007- 1 day gone, 1 day left

Saturday was a great day to see old friends, and meet new ones. It was a cozy event, but as someone described it…. “we had clouds, not crowds!” Unfortunately, right in the middle of the day, a nasty thunderstorm broke loose, and the event was radically changed by an outburst of rain. After waiting out the downpour, some of the bands resumed playing and a fun time was had by those that refused to let a little water destroy their day.

With any luck, we’ll have a sunny day on Sunday, and Tacoma will have the type of weather it’s supposed to have in August! We are still on schedule for the world’s largest assortment of LOUIE LOUIE performers. I hope to see many more people at this event!

Here’s a few images from the first day of LOUIE FEST 2007. All my shots of the performers in concert are on video, so we’ll save that for another day, OK?

Ted and Suzy at LOUIE FEST

Ted and his dog Suzy demonstrate a wonderful sense of style with just one of the many cool LOUIEFEST t-shirt! I’m gonna have to get one of these shirts before I go…

Barry Curtis on Teevee

Barry Curtis, a former member of the Kingsmen, gets some TeVee attention from the Natalis Group.

Here’s a shot of myself with two new friends from MySpace – KK Ryder and Leon Hendrix.

Leslie and Diana from Passion Parties offer special discounts for their products for attendees of the LOUIE FEST. Once again, an affirmation that rock music and sensual pleasure are indeed kindred spirits for the soul….

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