It’s LOUIE LOUIE time!

Today is the first day of LOUIE FEST in Spanaway, Washington, and I’m very excited! This morning, the LOUIE REPORT roadshow is based 112 miles from the LOUIE at a very nice little motel called the Lewis River Inn in Woodland, Washington. I wish all moderately-priced hotels were as nice as this one. I’m especially happy that the WiFi works smoothly, allowing me to type these very words. In a few minutes I’ll be out of here on my way to the big show…

Today it’s LOUIE LOUIE time! The website has some great updates, so I’ll just recycle a few things from there….

First, KLAY, 1180 AM, is providing the server space and expertise to host the monumental webcast of the 1000 GUITARS EVENT performed at both LouieFest 2007 in Washington AND at the Muddy Waters music club in Oslo Norway. You access this webcast by clicking on, and finding the LOUIEFEST logo.

Second, did I just mention something in Norway? Yes, the big Sunday finale is being simulcast in Norway at the Muddy Waters club in Oslo. Not only that, but guitar players in Oslo and at LouieFest are going for the record by playing ‘Louie Louie’ at the same time, using their webcasting computers and video Ipods and cellphones, at both venues. Is that cool or what?

Third, new bands are emerging to play at this event. Have you ever heard of Starstruck? Click on this link to read all about them. Here’s a photo of what they look like:


Lastly, for the archival collectors of LOUIE LOUIE, this is musical utopia you’ve been waiting for. Just to wet the whistles of excitement, the Wailers and a few members of the Kingsmen got together a few weeks ago to perform a new version live on KIRO radio.

Want to hear this thing? Click here.

Wailers Kingsmen LOUIE LOUIE live on radio

Anyways, to quote another…. me gotta go now…

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