Hawaiian Kingsmen

Things have been super-busy at the headquarters. I’ve barely been able to do much editing on the documentary this past month, much less add anything new to the LOUIE REPORT blog. I know a lot of people have written to me with good words about my comic strip blog posts, which are really fun to do, but they take a lot of work. I’ve got a couple of new comic strip blog ideas I’m working on, but like everything else in life, it all takes time….

Right now, it’s all about making a living, paying bills, and trying to get ahead in this crazy life of mine.

In the meantime, I am still continuing some research and archival collecting. In fact, here’s the cover of a new LP I just purchased on eBay. Anyone out there in cyber-space familiar with The Hawaiian Kingsmen? As far as I know, they don’t perform LOUIE LOUIE (at least not on this record), but they are yet another musical group named “the Kingsmen.”

The Hawaiian Kingsmen

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  • With a title like The Lord will light our way this is obviously the Gospel act who would have had the name before the Louie hitmakers.Same as the band of Kingsmen who were really Bill Haley’s Comets.
    If the Gospel group had been around at the time of Louie Louie its a wonder they never sued.It would have to be checked re the dates of their existence

  • Timothy Neves

    just a quick note.. My grandfather was the bass player for the Hawaiian kings men… that was a very long time ago. He (William Neves) and Charley Bryant are the only members yet still alive.. feel free to email me for any info..

  • Timothy Neves

    just a quick note.. My grandfather was the bass player for the Hawaiian kings men… that was a very long time ago. He (William Neves) and Charley Bryant are the only members yet still alive.. feel free to email me for any info..

  • Jeanette Lucas-Medeiros

    Hi, the male in the middle is my uncle Charley. We can spent this past week at Kahana Bay camping. He still plays music and he is awesome. I like that you purchased the album from ebay. Please keep in contact.

  • Jeanette Lucas-Medeiros

    Hi, please to email with any questions you may. By the way, how much did you pay for the album from ebay?

  • Kehaulani Makaena-Gillum

    Hey, I just came across this blog while writing a discussion forum for my english class. I’m writing about music in my family and wanted to dig up some info. on my grandpa (the shortest guy with the guitar). His name is Thompson Makaena but unfortunately, he passed away before I was born. Just heard he was an amazing guy and great musician. Wish I could have met him. It’s cool to see this btw, classic Hawaiian music.

  • Jeanette Lucas-Medeiros

    Hey, it’s nice to know that you have a family member that was part of this band. You can email me your info if you ever wanna chat.

  • Ursula Chong

    aloha, My name is Ursula Chong. I am the step daughter of Samuel William Logan Plunkett Sr. He is the Kingsman that stands on the left side. He was the leader of the group and wrote the song that is featured on this album, “The Lord Will Light My Way. Does anyone have a copy of the album? I have a cassette tape that is very old. Im not sure if it can be salvaged.

    I searched for information or pictures of The Hawaiian Kingsman to provide more detail on a commemorative speech I will present in my speech class at Hawaii Community College, Hilo.
    Please share any stories. I have a bunch of them myself.


    Ursula U’ilani Chong

  • Ursula Chong

    I remember all of the group members.

    Uncle Charlie Bryant
    Bill Neves
    Thomas Makaena
    Sam Kaupu; not sure if the last name for Sam is correct.
    Samuel Plunkett Sr.

  • Ursula Chong

    My brother Sam Plunkett Jr. has the cassette tape.

  • Lisa Leonardo

    I have been privileged to know most of the members and/or their families. I still see Bill Neves at Kaneohe SDA Church and Uncle Charlie when I’m at Hauula SDA Church. I have been able to sing with Grandpa Neves as I affectionately call him. I have also been able to sing the song The Lord Will Light Our Way with Uncle Charlie. I grew up in the mainland listening to this album over and over and it was a big part of helping me grow spiritually and musicly. I love this album and these people.

  • Kawika McKeague

    Aloha kākou. This is my all time favorite gospel album. Listened to it all the time as a kid. Got to hear the HK play at several SDA churches and was always in awe of their talent. LWLMW and CHSINY are my two favorites that I still play. Their musicality as Hawaiian musicians and passion for their faith are self-revealing in this album. Wish this was available in CD or digital download these days. It’s sad to hear of some of their passings. Ke Akua Pū.

  • Shawna Aiona

    I just love them! Ursula, get ahold of me please. Wanted to get together with all the kids from the Hawaiian Kingsmen. I can remember the days we would all be playing while our parents and Uncle Sam x2, Charlie, Thomas, Bill would be jammin! I was so blessed to have known those that passed and those still blessing us today.

    I just got off the phone with Uncle Charlie, he said they gonna make CD’s of that albumn! Totally stoked! This is one Christian Albumn I could listen to everyday…

  • Yolanda (Makaena) Sato

    Aloha all,
    I am the daughter of Thompson Makaena (guitar player). I’m still in touch with uncle bill who’s is 100 yrs old and is sharp as an eagle. Any more info, you can email me.
    Yolanda Sato

  • Brada Wayne

    So, when is da next KANIKAPILA SESSION? It’s supposed to be at Hau’ula church soon. We’ve had two so far at Central Church and Uncle Charlie still jamms, brings about 3 of his Sonny D’s…I think my tutu still has the LP but somewhere in the storage, gotta go find um, perhaps can record onto CD or MP3, if it’s not too buss up! Blessings to you all and to the Blessed Hope in our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  • Ursula chong

    Aloha everyone.
    Shawna facebook me and we can connect there or any others who has posted and want to gather the ʻohana.

    Brada Wayne, so Uncle Charlie still plays at Hauula Seven Day Adventist Church.
    Ok well Im flying to ʻOʻahu on May 23 weekend for my daughters graduation from Kamehameha and then staying for an extra week. I want to bring my family and sit in at church to see all my Hauula friends and ohana. Friend me on Facebook and lets see what we can do since Im there in 2 weeks.


    Ursula Chong

  • Ursula chong

    Didnʻt make it to Hauula Church on that last trip.
    Im flying up again Next month July 19th weekend.
    Hopefully I can visit all the ohana at church.


    Ursula Chong

  • Carol Garcia

    Shawna Aiona: I, too, had a chance to sing with these guys when I belonged to the Hawaiian Choir under the direction of Rachel Laymen at Honolulu’s Central SDA Church. Put my record album on tape before leaving Hawaii and I, too, would love to buy a copy of their CD when it becomes available. Shawna, when it becomes available please contact me through my email address: [email protected]. Thanks!

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