The Kickstarter campaign for LOUIE!

Today’s a very special day over at LOUIE CENTRAL!

After many years of self-funding* this historically massive documentary project on the Legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Anthem, LOUIE LOUIE, we’re going to leap into the exciting universe of crowd-source funding by launching a Kickstarter campaign to allow us to provide our undivided attention to focus entirely on completing the film and making it available for all to enjoy, entertain and inspire.

This campaign will not cover the full expenses of the various music, film and video stock footage licenses that we seek, but it will allow us to create an edited version of the documentary that we’d like to release in the near future. By contributing to this campaign, you’ll be a direct participant and player in a project many years in the making.

Join us.


* Self-funding referring to all operating expenses have previously paid entirely by the producers and a small handful of very close friends.

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