The DelMarzs Reunion Band- LOUIE of the Week

I’m a little late posting the latest LOUIE of Week but things have been somewhat hectic at LOUIE central…

This week, the DelMarzs Reunion Band are honored with the LOUIE of the Week award. This is a performance from the New Year’s Eve’s Eve party of 2010 at Millerstown, wherever the heck that is..

3 comments to The DelMarzs Reunion Band- LOUIE of the Week

  • john Impotence

    Dude i didnt find this blog my mom wouldve killed me. I owe you my life lol Awesome Blog Bro.

  • Brian McPherson

    We got “LOUIE of the Week” and I didn’t even know it for almost a year??!!!

    Well, were gonna sing it again this new year’s eve eve, same place.

    PS that’s me on keyboard

  • Jerry Sanderson

    Glad to see we made the louie louie of the week. This was the first time we played since 1969 . We got together for a reunion night, and went so well we are playing again this year on Dec, 30th . Every one likes louie louie.We could play it 3 times in a row, and they would want to hear it again, it is that type of song.By the way Millerstown is a small town in central Pennaylvania. same area we played ROCK AND ROLL 40 some years ago. Thanks again for the LOUIE LOUIE HONOR. THE DELMARZS REUNION BAND

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