God Save the Internet!

There’s been some weird rumblings in Washington D.C. by certain politicians to allow telecommunications companies to control what you can and cannot access via the internet. I wish this was an urban legend, but unfortunately….. it’s actually happening. There are a lot of greedy politicians that are allowing a massive power grab by large telecommunications companies that will ultimately change the dynamics of how people are able access the internet.

Luckily, there’s an organization like SaveTheInternet.com, which is doing everything it can to stop this terrible piece of legislation. It isn’t just a bunch of lefties like MoveOn or the ACLU. It’s a coalition of groups like groups like Consumers Union, Gun Owners of America, Christian Coalition of America, American Library Association, Parents Television Council, SEIU, and individuals like Professor Lawrence Lessig (Stanford), Craig Newmark (founder of Craigslist), Professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit blogger), and a lot of other folks that believe this is a bad idea.

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe is behind this movement, as are a small handful of other intelligent conservatives.

Former record company executive, current activist blogger Howie Klein has a nice entry about the subject at his DownWithTyranny blog:

I’ve been talking with the folks at SaveTheInternet.com and helping connect them with some artists who are eager to help keep the internet free and out of the greedy clutches of the big corporate telecoms who– with their bought-and-paid-for politicians– have every intention of privitizing and monetizing it. Some of the artists who have already spoken out include R.E.M., Lou Reed, Moby, Sparks, and Ice-T. Today a new singing group made up of Kay Hanley, Jill Sobule and Michelle Lewis, under the name The Broadband releases a KILLER song, “God Save the Internet” which you are welcome to listen to and to download for free.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives passed the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE), rejecting any provisions that would preserve “net neutrality.”

Joshua Micah Marshall‘s Talking Points Memo has a current tally of where Senators stand on the issue of “net neutrality.”

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