Hail Hail John “Kando” Kandarian!

John Kando Kandarian

Our friend John “Kando” Kandarian got some attention in the “back-from-hibernationLance Monthly. He’s featured in the latest issue- December 2009, so if you want to read it or download it, do it now if you want to read it for free.

John’s a roadie veteran that I met via his work with the Kingsmen. This article focuses on his association with the Liverpool Five, a band from England featuring nobody from Liverpool. According to this article, the band will be reuniting for a show in Sacramento, California sometime in March 2010.

Anyways, we’re happy to see John get the spotlight for a change! Here’s to you, my friend…

1 comment to Hail Hail John “Kando” Kandarian!

  • Ken Davidson

    Used to work with Kan-do a “couple” of years back at Chapter XI in Yakima, would love to get in contact and buy him drinks I owe. Living just outside of London, but coming back to the States next year, probably.

    Holy shit, Kan-do, an inspiration in the 70’s.

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