MayDay LOUIE special on Utah radio

On Monday, May 1st, Utah disc jockey The Big Baboo (a.k.a., Paul Malluk, humble host of The Big Baboo’s Rock ‘n Roll Nostalgia Show, will be presenting his Second LOUIE LOUIE Marathon. For two hours, The Big Baboo will be playing nothing but LOUIE LOUIE as part of a Spring Radiothon to raise money and awareness for KZMU, a community radio station based in Moab, Utah.

I’ve been asked to particpate in this event, and I’ll be happy to do so for this little station in a little town, some 120 miles from the nearest city. Here’s the official announcement from the webpage:


Monday, May 1st, 2006 – 12 Noon MST

A LIVE on-air interview with Stretch Riedle – musician and drummer for the Submersians and the Shockwaves, and the DJ responsible for THE Louie Louie Marathon of all time – “Maximum Louie Louie” for station KFJC in San Fransisco. 63 hours staright of Louie Louie covers which lasted from August 19-22, 1983.

A LIVE on-air interview with filmmaker Eric Predoehl discussing his upcoming documentary, “The Meaning of Louie!”

Thanks to the worldwide web, you’ll be able to hear this show LIVE via MP3 streaming anywhere in the world that has a broadband connection! Just surf over to, and select your favorite MP3 player.

For the sake of any potential F.C.C. violations, I promise not to recite any naughty LOUIE LOUIE lyrics uncovered by any F.B.I. investigations…

– E.P.

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