Dave Barry has good taste in funeral music

Noted columnist and Rock Bottom Remainder guitarist Dave Barry was interviewed this month by Patrick S. Pemberton of Knight Ridder Newspapers. Here’s a little quote that caught my attention:

Q: I read that you want to have “Louie Louie” played at your funeral.

A: Yeah, I would like to have a fun funeral. I can think of three fun funerals I’ve been to.

Hopefully, it will be a very long time before we’ll be hearing this song in this particular context. You can read the full interview with Dave at the Fort Wayne News Sentinel website, dated April 7th.

This is a fun little article, as you can read about Bruce Springsteen being his back-up guitarist, the groupies of Stephen King, Flamin’ Squirrels, and Irish drinkers.

Speaking of Springsteen, I’ve been informed by one of our New Jersey spies that Bruce did a stellar show at Asbury Park last weekend, introducing one of his songs with some kinda statement about LOUIE LOUIE being one of the best sea chanties ever written!

OK, bootleggers… who’s got that pirate recording? Anxious ears want to hear this thing!

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