Kenny Wayne Gunner and Janel – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE of the Week award goes out to Kenny Wayne Gunner and Janel, who perform a unique rendition of the song at Ocean Shores, Washington

3 comments to Kenny Wayne Gunner and Janel – LOUIE of the Week

  • WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m completely happy you like it! Thank You! (I’m sorry I did not practice, before video was filmed, & was feelin rustin) Kenny Wayne is, honestly, one of the WORLD’s BEST GUITARIST(So many people say this!). If anyone has a chance.. please feel free to check out USER NAME: GotGig at YouTube for more! We’re beginning to add more videos daily, these days! And, an email for us is: [email protected]. THANKS AGAIN!! LUV Ya!

  • What Cul Be

    clever. nice caption! appears the pink cadillac/back drop is a total dandy! GREAT JOB!


    Nicccccccccce! We know these cats in video. They are totally cool! Most creative, interesting people u’ll ever meet! DEFINITE GREAT ARTISTS, TOTAL PIONEERS IN CREATIVENESS! Leaders, aren’t followers. Matter of fact, they wouldnt be reading these video comments either. They just would never read these comments. There’s pyscho freaky stalkers they ignore.

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