Original Blues Brother to Undergo Cancer Therapy

A long time ago, John Belushi was in Eugene, Oregon, working on a movie that would be a smash hit. Actually, it was more than just a “smash hit.” It was the most successful comedy motion picture, according to the box office returns. This movie was “Animal House,” which re-introduced the song LOUIE LOUIE to the American mainstream. It was also the very first movie for Kevin Bacon, who’s been the subject of a “six degrees concept,” but that’s another story entirely….

Curtis Salgado + John Belushi

A lot of really great things happened for John Belushi, besides the fact that this particular motion picture catapulted him into super-stardom. One of the great things that happened for John was the chance for him to discover some of the excellent musical talent that was happening in the town where production was taking place. Eugene, Oregon may not have seemed like a likely place where one could find some world-class talent, but for John Belushi, he discovered a virtual goldmine. A local musician by the name of Curtis Salgado had a real cool stage persona, wearing dark sunglasses, and singing the blues as if his life depended on it. John saw this act, and was absolutely blown away. In fact, John was so mesmerized by what he saw, that he sought out Salgato for some musical education, and then appropriated the concept of the invention of the “Blues Brothers.” John created “Joliet Jake” as a direct tribute to the persona developed by Curtis Salgado.

Curtis Salgato has had a very interesting career. He’s been a member of the Grammy Award winning band Roomful of Blues, sang as a part of the Robert Cray band, and enjoyed a short stint as vocalist for Santana. Over the past 17 years, he’s been a highly respected figure in the Pacific Northwest music scene, performing regularly, and speaking out to educate people on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Recently, Curtis Salgado has been diagnosed with liver cancer and has begun preparations for treatment. Next month he will receive treatments with the hope of a liver transplant surgery in the future. His website quotes Curtis directly:

“I am fortunate to be under the care of an incredible team of doctors and nurses and am inspired by the courageous people that have faced this fight before me,” the 52-year-old performer said from his home this week. I am also extremely grateful for the overwhelming support from my family and friends.”

A concert performance in Spokane, WA has been rescheduled for June 3rd and doctors are confident that Curtis and his band will be able to continue to perform this year. A special account has been created for donations to help Salgado with medical costs and an all-star benefit concert is also being planned.

Donations can be made for the “Curtis Salgado Fund” at any US Bank or can be mailed to:

US Bancorp
2550 NW 188th Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124.

For more information, please log onto CurtisSalgado.com.

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  • Al Kassion

    After hearing this man perform at the Pacific Lifestyle Homes Party on May 13, I cannot believe a person can give so much of himself for each song that he sang. Myself and others with me were in total awe of his feelings he presented with his music. I sincerely wish him well.

  • Friends and fans from around the country are producing benefit concerts to help offset some of Curtis’ major medical expenses. The one in the San Francisco Bay Area is June 11, 4-10pm at the Mojo Lounge in Fremont, California. All the information (including an online auction) is at http://www.bayareabluesbenefit.com. We have a great line-up of musicians and all proceeds go to Curtis. Come join us if you can!

  • I was lucky when my son bought me tickets to Buddy Guy, and I got an introduction to Curtis’s music and and 2 autographed CD’s. They were all I listened to in my car for a month. Don’t ask “Who is HE, and what is he to you?” Help if you can, anyway you can. And he’s from right here in Portland too. You’re in our prayers Curtis

  • inhetskesse

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