Let’s get Paul Revere & Raiders into Rock Hall of Fame!

Paul Revere & the Raiders

It’s time to get Paul Revere & the Raiders into this thing called the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

It’s time to just DO IT!

A group of dedicated Paul Revere & Raiders fans just created a website to promote this concept, and you can visit it at: RaidersRockHall.com

For decades they have given us numerous hard driving, chart topping hits, set recording industry records, graced our television sets, and yes, even been pinups on our walls. It has been almost 50 since Paul Revere formed his original set of Raiders and he has never stopped giving us great music, good times, and incredible entertainment. It seems only fitting that The Raiders, after there numerous chart topping hits, record breaking number of television appearances, and amazing longevity, be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This site is dedicated to the legend of Paul Revere and the Raiders and seeing them admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Please sign the petition and tell the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee how you feel.

We lost drummer Michael “Smitty” Smith in 2001, and guitarist Drake Levin died a few months ago. These guys aren’t getting any younger, so if we can honor their legacy, let’s do it now while there’s still some surviving members left.

At Drake Levin’s memorial in July, there were some wonderful comments that reinforced the idea that the Raiders were highly influential in inspiring others with the power of rock and roll.

Here’s Paul Revere

Roger Hart, manager of Paul Revere & Raiders….

and Phil “Fang” Volk, bassist!

To paraphrase another…. “Let’s Give it ’em …. RIGHT NOW!”

Please visit
and please share this information with your friends!

2 comments to Let’s get Paul Revere & Raiders into Rock Hall of Fame!

  • Mister X

    The third & forth records I ever bought were Paul Revere & the Raiders (circa 1967), they rocked!

  • Shelly L. Minick

    I was missing Michael (Smitty) Smith, and was looking for pictures of him, I was with him when he passed, he was my friend, and now I am numb, not knowing that Drake had passed as well, he was very kind to me on the phone when Michael had passed. This is truly heartbreaking, I know Michael and Drake are together in Rock n Roll Heaven. It makes me feel better knowing Michael isn’t alone anymore. My condolences to Drakes family and to the Raiders. Shelly Minick, Kona Hawaii

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