Follow-up on Jack Ely & Courtmen at Ontario Armory

Jack Ely sent out a message to his friends after his big show at the Ontario Armory. He gave me permission to recycle these words, so here’s his report:

As most of you know by now, last weekend my old band and I played a benefit gig for the tri-county food bank at the Ontario Armory in Ontario, Oregon and they sold out over 1,000 tickets.

OK OK. Here’s the deal. The weather cooperated and wasn’t too hot. The Armory was packed so tight one had to tighten their belt to walk thru the crowd. The local bands were great. Everyone danced till they dropped. My band, however, was the greatest. They managed to make even me sound good. And, for the finale we got all the other band’s members to join us on stage for another round of “Louie Louie.” What a hoot.

Now they’re talkin’ about making the Armory Reunion gig an annual event. Who knows? Oh, and did I mention the best part. We raised around $10,000 for the tri county food bank. Hooray. If they do it again, you’d better get your tickets early. Be there or be square.

As I was leaving I heard a man say to his wife, “That’s the best twelve bucks I’ve ever spent.” And someone else said, “I’ve never seen so many smiling faces in one place.” It was a lot of fun.



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