Remembering those no longer with us

Richard BerryToday marks the 9th anniversary of the passing of Richard Berry. Time really does go quickly.

This LOUIE LOUIE documentary of mine is certainly the longest project I’ve ever worked on. I certainly didn’t intend to spend so many years working on it, but it’s been a very complicated journey. The main person I’m producing this film for is no longer with us, and it really hurts not being able to share what I’ve got. Looking at my files, it appears that I have actually maintained a LOUIE LOUIE webpage with news updates since 1996, which means I’ll be celebrating a 10 year anniversary this year. The domain page came years later, and this blog, using special blog software was unleashed less than a year ago in May 2005.

This project is dedicated to Richard Berry and his wonderful musical creation. I’d also like to acknowledge some great folks that are no longer with us that have provided me with great interviews that I’d like to share when I finally release this massive film of mine. They are in, in no particular order:

Bertha Berry Harris (Richard’s Mom)
Godoy Colbert, original member of the Pharoahs
Rich Dangel, guitar player for the (Fabulous) Wailers
Arthur Lee Maye
Jerrry Garcia of Grateful Dead
Pat Mason, Northwest booking agent
Steve Douglas, saxophone player
Robert Lindahl, recording engineer
Kenny Sinclair, the Sixteens
Charlie Ceciliani, Northwest promoter

I never had a chance to interview Frank Zappa, Dave Lewis, or Ron Holden, which is very unfortunate, as I tried my very best to set something up with each of these men. In the case of Ron Holden, he actually died one day before Richard Berry did in 1997. I am still actively seeking archival interview footage with these gentlemen, discussing the wonderful music which LOUIE which was a part of. If you have access to any relevant video or audio clips, please let me know

I am still seeking completion funding, keeping my eyes open for grants, donations, and sponsorship. Certainly, if you have any access to extra money, computer RAID hard drives that I can use for editing the hundreds of hours shot for this documentary, travel accommodations (from SF Bay Area to NYC, Seattle, Portland, Indiana, Los Angeles), and other resource materials, please let me know.

Once again, my thanks go out to all the wonderful people that have supported this project. It is appreciated.

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