RIP: Gary Rhine, filmmaker, activist, friend

Just a few days ago, I wrote about the upcoming demise of the original Rhino Records retail outlet. Now, I’m very saddened to report the death of another great Rhino- our friend Gary Rhine.


Gary was a filmmaker that specialized in documentaries about the indigenous people of America. The American Indians were a topic very dear to Gary’s heart, and he produced quite a few award-winning documentaries on this subject. He was also a paramedic, a political activist, a writer, a teacher, a pilot, and a father. He had a great conscience and a sense of humor that he shared freely on his blog, Rhino’s Blog. On Monday, January 9th, Gary died in a plane crash in Lancaster, California. In addition to his wife and mother, Gary is survived by three daughters, three stepsons, a brother and a sister.

Fellow MEANING OF LOUIE co-producer Jesse Block did a lot of work with Gary, and I participated on a few of Gary’s productions. Whenever we were in the Los Angeles region, Gary was one of our favorite guys to hang with. He was a good man, and we will miss him dearly.

– Eric Predoehl on Thursday, January 12th

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Gary’s Websites:
Rhino’s Blog

Gary’s New York Times filmography

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Los Angeles Times obituary, dated January 13, 2006

3 comments to RIP: Gary Rhine, filmmaker, activist, friend

  • Gary Will be greatly missed. The planet has lost a great and productive human being that we all admired and laughed with. His drive to leave the world a better place left us a legacy that I am grateful for.

  • JB

    Gary was a cherished buddy and professional co-conspirator in cinematic production and the pursuit of fun and justice for all on the Planet Earth. He will be sorely missed, but he’s not really gone – he’s just not returning our phone calls! – Jesse

  • he will surely be miss.

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