Jack Ely to perform with the Courtmen in August

Last week, AP posted a story about Jack Ely, and the challenges of getting properly compensated for singing on the hit record with the Kingsmen.

I just found the official AP video on that story, so here it is…

For those of you keeping track…there’s another version of the song in this video.

The big news for Jack is the big show that he’s doing with the Courtmen in the month of August.

The National Guard Armory in Ontario, Oregon will be the place for a big reunion dance called “It Will Never Happen Again” that’s taking place on August 29. Along with Jack Ely & the Courtmen, there’s also going to be Crystal Ship and the Sundowners, two other local bands that haven’t played for something like 40 years….?

All profits from this show will go to the Southeast Regional Food Bank.

Here’s a couple of stories on this show from some regional newspapers:

Ontario Argus Observer
Idaho Statesmen

1 comment to Jack Ely to perform with the Courtmen in August

  • fritz

    Give ’em hell, Jack – You always do – By the way, will Charlie Coe be with you on this venture ?

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