Vintage Jack Ely photo at Lance Records

A recycled message from Dick Stewart of Lance Records / Lance Monthly:

Happy New Year and enjoy the Jan 2006 issue of “The Lance Monthly.” Lots of stuff this go around.

IN THIS ISSUE: – Up Close with Jim Peterik (Lead Singer and Guitarist for Ides of March); Vintage Photo of the Month (Jack Ely and The Kingsmen/Courtmen with the Epsilons); The Clovis Report (Scene Three of the Sept. 2005 Clovis Fest: Main Event); Comments on Chas’s Clovis Report (scene one and two); Paterson’s “Jump, Jive, and Harmonize” (Reviews of releases by: J.B. and The Playboys, Marshall Holland, and The Wooly Bandits; An Interview with Larry Cutrone (vocalist for New Jersey’s hot 4 Roses Band during the ‘60s; MuzikMan’s Lance Monthly Album of the Month (“Live & Lost” Copperhead)

You can view all of this stuff at:

Just as a reminder, Jack Ely was the original vocalist for the Kingsmen when LOUIE LOUIE was recorded. He left the band in 1963, and briefly toured with a band titled “Jack Ely and the Kingsmen” which was not the same band as the original Kingsmen with Lynn Easton and Mike Mitchell. Jack had nothing to do with their hit record – “Jolly Green Giant” or even my favorite underrated Kingsmen orignal- “That’s Cool, That’s Trash.”

Nor was Jack ever a member of the gospel Kingsmen or Art Garfunkel’s old group, the Kingsmen of Columbia, both of which go under the simple moniker of “The Kingsmen.”

Did I tell you that Kingsmen member Dick Peterson just wrote a book on LOUIE LOUIE?

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P.S. My broadband access is now working fine, so I can avoid the coffee shops with the mediocre muzak….

2 comments to Vintage Jack Ely photo at Lance Records

  • EP

    That Lance Records newsletter even features a letter from LOUIE lunatic enthusiast collector Stretch Riedle! YOW

  • jennifer

    I just wanted to let who ever know that I personally know Jack. His son and my husband are lifetime friends (whether I like it or not) and Jack is a real nice man and is genuine! The one and only Kingsman I care to ever know. 🙂

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