Fremont High Marching Band – LOUIE of the Week (5x)

Fremont marching band

This week’s LOUIE is courtesy of the Fremont High Marching Band with six five YouTube clips!

I’m not sure which “Fremont High” this is, as the Youtube descriptions don’t really provide much detail. In the SF bay area, there’s a “Fremont High” in Oakland and Sunnyvale, as well as the towns of Los Angeles (CA), Ashton (ID), Saint Anthony (ID), Fremont (IN), Plain City (UT), as well as Fremont (OH), Fremont (MI), and Fremont (NE).

I guess “Fremont High” is popular name for high schools!!

Anyways, I dare you to watch all of these versions all at the same time!

Hey… what happened to version #2?


Randy Qualls

My Name is Randy Qualls. I’m the director of this band. This is the Fremont High School in Plain City Utah. It was our 11th annual Louie Louie night…we play NOTHING but Louie Louie for an entire basketball game. Thanks for noticing!

And, #2 was 4 seconds of carpet on the band room floor.


This particular Fremont is from Plain City Utah. This Louie night is a tradition every year to drive the opposing team NUTS!! 2015 was extra special due to the upcoming retirement of the band director Mr. Qualls.

Congrats on a successful career!


This is Fremont High of Pain City Utah. My dad is their director and this tradition had been going close to 25 years at two different high schools.



Suburban Radio – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE is by a band known as Suburban Radio. Their YouTube page describes what they do…

Mixing the high energy fast paced music of The Ramones and The Clash with a rock sound influenced by the likes of The Beatles and The Who with a hint of folk, ska and alternative rock to create Suburban Radio.

You can learn more about this band by visiting

RIP: Kim Fowley, co-producer of Richard Berry post-LOUIE songs


Kim Fowley, the legendary Hollywood huckster, eccentric music producer, singer-songwriter, Svengali music biz mastermind, and author of the autobiography “Lord of Garbage,” has died at the age of 75 years old.

Kim Fowley lived an extremely vivid life filled with incredible stories with a multitude of people in the entertainment industry.

About a year and a half ago, I was able to interview Kim for the LOUIE documentary, which I wrote about in a special blog posting.

Working with his then-partner Gary S. Paxton, he co-produced some Richard Berry recordings three years after Richard recorded LOUIE LOUIE in 1957, and three years before the Kingsmen recorded LOUIE LOUIE in 1963.

Kim and Gary also recorded the first album by Paul Revere & the Raiders, a few years before they became the first rock band signed to Columbia Records, the world’s largest record label in the 1960’s.

Kim was a member of Frank Zappa‘s Mothers of Invention, appearing on their initial “Freak Out” album before moving on to other projects.

Kim was a major inspiration for Cyril Jordan of the Flamin’ Groovies, directly inspiring their early hit recording “Teenage Head.”

Anyways, the list of things that Kim was attached to is a long and impressive one – starting off with his partnership with Gary S. Paxton that led to their collaboration as the Hollywood Argyles, a studio project that wound up with a hit record “Alley Opp.”

Along this amazing life journey, Kim also became Thelonious Monk’s food runner, worked closely as DJ Alan Freed’s protégé, produced the final album by Gene Vincent, and collaborated with a multitude of talents that included Helen Reddy, Alice Cooper, Cat Stevens, The Seeds, Soft Machine, the Byrds, Manfred Mann, Warren Zevon, Fabian, Leon Russell, The Germs, and so many others.

Kim’s association with The Runaways is certainly well documented in various media, including a cinematic docudrama of the band’s story featuring actor Michael Shannon in the role of Kim Fowley.

Me, I’m just glad I was able to finally meet Kim in person and do the interview that we’d talking about doing for years. He was certainly an engaging individual that I really enjoyed chatting with.

As Kim spoke, he made it absolutely clear that Death would be his “next long term project.” The pain of his cancer could not ignored. In spite of his situation, he continued to collaborate with various creative individuals, writing music and doing interviews up until the very end. In fact, on the day I finally met him, he had another interview scheduled right before mine, and I had to wait an extra 40 minutes, as he wound up speaking longer than he expected.

I have no doubt he was very proud that one of his songs was featured in “Guardians of the Galaxy“- the #1 movie of 2014.

Rest in peace, Kim.

You shall not be forgotten.

Richard Berry - Give It Up

Reference articles:

Los Angeles Times – Kim Fowley, the eccentric L.A. producer-manager who created the Runaways, is dead at 75

Kim Fowley: 10 Essential Tracks

Kim Fowley as the man behind The Runaways

R.B. Firebirds (KFJC version #152) – LOUIE of the Week / KFJC Max LL database notes

RB Firebirds

This week, we share another tasty nugget from the LOUIE archives.

Back in the early 80s, there was a rockin’ little band in the San Jose area that provided some fine music in a handful of little bars. The R.B. Firebirds was a dynamic band featuring Kelly Smith, Paul “Bosco” Haggard, Tony “Butthouse” Chaba and the man known simply as “1209.” The band didn’t seem to last very long, and there’s very few recordings that exist of their shows, but luckily there’s one particular recording that was saved for posterity.

The R.B. Firebirds’s version of LOUIE LOUIE, recorded specifically for the KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon is a superb rendition of the song featuring some funny improvised lyrics that tackle the absurdity of this event. For many KFJC staffers, this was one of the top favorite versions amongst the 800+ renditions that were showcased on special weekend back in 1983.

I really loved this version!

On a similar note, I’ve had a handful of people asking me for a list of all the versions that were performed at that historic event. It’s taken a few decades to transfer the existing air-check tapes, break up the various audio transfers into individual song tracks, and identify the various performers (which is still very much a work-in-progress), but we now have a list that can be shared with the public.

kfjc Max LOUIE LOUIE logsheet

Unfortunately, the archive is incomplete. We have close to 62 hours of the 63 hour marathon, and there’s “only” 842 versions of the song. I’m hoping that someday someone will show up with a recording of the missing hour or so of the show – recorded from the live radio broadcast, but at this point in time, it seems highly unlikely.

Somewhere down the line, I would love to share an online archive/database of this historic event as well as all the known versions of the song, allowing members of the LOUIE community to provide additional information on each of the recordings. While many of the home-made recordings would probably be available free of charge, I would also provide links to the various resources where one could legally listen and/or acquire copies of the various commercial recordings of THE SONG.

If anyone has any thoughts on coordinating such an endeavor, please let me know.

The Semi-Complete KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE air check list – updated November 2014.

Kelly Smith shared some more details about old band, the R.B. Firebirds:

First Band ever to play the (San Jose) Fountain Blues Festival We opened the event on it’s first day.

Butthouse named the band after a guitar he liked. Reverse Body Firebirds….some thought it meant Rhythm and Blues but it’s not for that.

Richard Dandolo shared an old business card:

RB Firebirds bizcard

A-Team Mystery Version – LOUIE of the Week

This year, we start with a mystery…

A few weeks ago, I received a email from Tobias Schmahl of Germany:

I found your Blog because it is mentioned on the German Wikipedia page about “Louie Louie”.

I would like to ask for your help concerning “Louie Louie”. Do you remember the A-Team, starring George Peppard and Mr. T?

I’m going to write about that show. Maybe you know that “Louie Louie” was used in an episode of the A-Team.

It was “The Theory of Revolution” from season 5 and it aired Fri 24th Oct 1986. In your country the episode should be available here:

The song was used 3 times: Right from the beginning, then at appr. 05:55 and again in the end.

Now my question is: Which version of the song was used? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Kingsmen’s recording, although it sounds similar. Do you have any idea?

I would be very grateful, if you could browse your archives (I didn’t find anything about the A-Team on your Blog).
I would be interested in any information available and every detail is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for you reply & kind regards from Germany,
Tobias Schmahl

This is an odd one. I put this question to my international team of experts, and didn’t get any definitive answers….

Theo de Grood of The Louie Louie Pages wrote:

Amazing discovery! I had the A-Team episode included in the
‘movies’-section of my website, but used the IMDB-data as a source and
never actually watched or listened to this episode myself, hence the
incorrect ‘Richard Berry‘. A Shazam-scan of the version rendered no
solution, and on this otherwise rather adequate fan-site the version is
listed as ‘Unbekannt’ (= unknown):
Probably an anonymous studio-band re-recording because of copyright

Clay Stabler responded:

This website devoted to the music of The A-Team episodes has it by the Kingsmen which is obviously wrong.

I’m in the same boat here – sounds vague familiar, but can’t identify it. At first I thought it might be one of the Jack Ely re-recordings, but it’s not.

Stretch Riedle also replied:

I too thought it might be a Jack Ely version. Doesn’t sound like it at all though. If its on Collectable Records then Kingsmen makes sense. But we know it’s not them.

Barry Curtis, formerly of the Kingsmen responded:

That’s not a Kingsmen recording — it sounds to me like Jack Ely and his band which he originally called The Kingsmen, but then changed it to The Courtmen. But it could be someone else. I had never heard that one before.

… and the mystery continues.

Hopefully someone that was affiliated with the TV show will emerge with the answer to this inquiry…