Hot Chocolate’s Brother Louie (1973) – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE spotlight is on “Brother Louie,” a song which many people have confused with Richard Berry‘s LOUIE LOUIE. “Brother Louie” became a hit recording with Ian Lloyd & Stories back in 1973, and was brought back into the spotlight in 2010 with the TV show entitled LOUIE, a sitcom loosely based on the life of American comedian Louis C.K.

This particular clip is by the band Hot Chocolate, which was the band that originally created and recorded this song before Ian Lloyd & Stories discovered it.

Sophie Villy on Aristrocrats.FM – LOUIE of the Week

Today, the mighty LOUIE LOUIE spotlight is pointed at Sophie Villy, a Georgian (not Russian) singer that delivered a soulful rendition of THE SONG, covering the Iggy Pop– American Caesar version, while adding a few extra phrases from the song “At Last.” This performance took place sometime this month on The Great Fisun Show on the Aristocrats.FM music channel.

Sophie has a new album that’s available on iTunes, but it doesn’t look like this song is on it.

Too bad. I LOVE this version!

Luckily, this version is shared via YouTube!

Hold that thought…

This week, I didn’t get around to posting a LOUIE of the Week. It’s been a rather hectic week. A road trip 400 miles from home and the sudden death of Nina kinda threw me off the usual schedule, but I should have something fresh for next week…

RIP: Nina Broadwater-Johnson, daughter-in-law of Richard Berry

I am saddened, shocked and speechless by the sudden death of Nina Broadwater-Johnson, who was once a daughter-in-law of Richard Berry (author of LOUIE LOUIE). My heart goes to out to Richard D’juan Berry and Devin Berry over the loss of their beloved mother. She was a kind woman that I feel so very privileged to have known. The last time I saw I saw her, she handed me a big book on Doo-Wop music, as she wanted me to have this special reference book.

Please join me in praying for D’Juan and Devin as they deal with this very heavy loss.