2 Days until International LOUIE LOUIE Day

Within the next 48 hours, there will be a very special celebration. It probably won’t be covered by your local newspaper, and I doubt that you’ll see any segments on any television news program. It will mostly likely be a somewhat secretive, clandestine grassroots operation conducted by some dedicated believers of the power of LOUIE […]

Terrorist In Mind – LOUIE of the Week

Apologies for the delay in posting this week’s LOUIE of the week. It’s been a busy week, and my unintentional, but mostly-positive upgrade of the WordPress blog software slowed things down around here, but things are returning to normalcy, whatever that means…

This week’s LOUIE of the Week comes from Hamburg, Germany. Holger of […]

Help Chris Gaffney!

Here’s some news well worth sharing. Chris Gaffney is a musician that could use some support right now. He’s a member of the Hacienda Brothers, and is also part of the Dave Alvin band. If you can send a donation, or even just buy some music by Chris Gaffney, that would be a great thing. […]

The amazing Don Gallucci and his progressive rock band

Don Gallucci is a familiar name in the LOUIE LOUIE universe. He was the original keyboardist for the Kingsmen during the recording of “LOUIE LOUIE.” He might have stayed in the Kingsmen, touring all over the country to promote their big hit record if only his parents didn’t force him to stay in high […]