Little Victories of January

There’s very little LOUIE-specific news in today’s posting. This particular posting will be somewhat more self-indulgent than usual, so you’ve been warned…. but there is some stuff about music in the end of this… One... Read more →

Kim Scudiero – Louie of the Week

Longtime LOUIE Report supporter Kim Scudiero aka “Coldshot West” gets the LOUIE of the Week award with a simple, but powerful version of the song, created with a simple webcam on his computer. Read more →

Not the same Pharaohs

So, I’m looking at the latest National Geographic magazine….. … thinking “WOW! I wonder if they’re thinking what I’m thinking…” … perhaps a nice acknowledgement of the very first recording... Read more →

The Sonics Reunion- Part 2 in London

I missed the first set of reunion shows with the Sonics at the CaveStomp in New York, but it looks like they’re actually going to do a show in London. For those of you with the disposable income to travel to London in March, the place... Read more →

Jim West remembers Richard Berry

Here’s a little story sent to me by Jim West about three years ago, which I don’t think I’ve shared before… I just wanted to share a personal story of the kindness of Richard Berry to me. I’m Jim West, lead singer... Read more →

Rare color photo of Rockin’ Robin Robert

As I continue to do a lot of really tedious work trying to make damaged Hi8 video footage viewable, I thought I’d share a very rare color photo of Rockin’ Robin Roberts. Rockin’ Robin Roberts is a very important person in the... Read more →

Yet another band called the Kingsmen

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending some time trying to clean up some defective, yet “once-in-a-lifetime” type Hi8 footage I’ve shot for this documentary of mine. It’s a lot of work to repair some... Read more →

What’s your LOUIE story?

As I’ve pointed out in my previous postings, my LOUIE documentary project is a massive undertaking that can be quite exhaustive. I try to post semi-regular updates on how things are coming along with the project, as well as new developments... Read more →
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