It’s LOUIE LOUIE time!

Today is the first day of LOUIE FEST in Spanaway, Washington, and I’m very excited! This morning, the LOUIE REPORT roadshow is based 112 miles from the LOUIE at a very nice little motel called the Lewis River Inn in Woodland, Washington. I wish all moderately-priced hotels were as nice as this one. I’m especially […]

Countdown to the LOUIE FEST – 1 day to go..

This morning, the Euro Cafe in Chico, California is the location for the traveling LOUIE REPORT blog. A cup of coffee, a bagel, and some early morning WiFi access is just the ticket for jump-starting my big day of driving. If I wanted to go straight to Tacoma, Mapquest estimates a 10 hour drive. We’ll […]

Countdown to the LOUIE FEST – 2 days to go..

Sometime on Thursday, after I take care of a little business meeting in San Francisco that afternoon, I begin my roadtrip to the Pacific Northwest. I was hoping to show a rough cut of the film to some of my friends in my Tacoma, but that’s just not gonna happen this time. I was also […]

Countdown to the LOUIE FEST – 3 days to go..

Anticipation is building for the big LOUIE FEST this weekend. I just got an email from someone that’s actually driving to the event, and then sleeping in their van parked next the event, because they didn’t want to miss a single minute of it!

.. And folks thought I was the obsessive one! Whew…. this […]

Countdown to the LOUIE FEST – 4 days to go..

Next weekend, I’ll be at the big LOUIE FEST up in the Tacoma, Washington region of the world…. the town of Spanaway, actually, participating in an event that willl attempt to bring over 1,000 guitars in one place to perform LOUIE LOUIE! I’ll be doing a solo road trip for this one, taking my clunker […]

The NEW LouieFest YouTube group!

Just to make it even easier for folks to submit videos to the upcoming LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest, I’ve just created a new YouTube group.

Ladies, and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce….

Speaking of LOUIE, BBC TV did a little tee-vee segment on the subject of pirate radio. I certainly approve of the music […]

RIP: Jim Philbrook, publisher of Record Convention News

Record collectors lost a great ally when Jim Philbrook died. I’ll let his good friend Steve Propes tell the story:

I met Jim Philbrook in the 1980s when he was a single father raising his daughter Raina in Long Beach. He was born in Massachusetts on March 26, 1943, grew up in Avalon on […]

The Berlin LOUIE Report

Back in May, I mentioned a big LOUIE LOUIE party that took place in Berlin, Germany. Here’s a report from Juergen:

at last i want to tell you how it went with our “louie louie” event in berlin. sorry, it took a while. we had a fantastic night!!! i had the possibility to do […]

Louie Louie and a Clunker state-of-mind

Dick Summer just sent me a link to his blog & podcast. This week’s subject is clunker cars and the “LOUIE LOUIE generation.” You can read the blog and download the MP3 podcast.

Considering how my own car is 16 years old, needing some body work and a serious paint job, I suppose I’m […]

RIP: Lee Hazlewood, singer-songwriter

Where I live in Northern California, I’m fortunate to experience some fairly decent weather, visit some great record and book stores, and see a lot of different musical acts. One of the places I’ve seen some really enjoyable acts is at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which is an old amusement park on the […]