Benedict Arnold & the Traitors w/ Mark Lindsay- LOUIE of the Week

A little over a month ago, UGLY THINGS magazine had a big 30th Anniversary party that lasted three days in San Diego, CA. There was a lot of music at this event – Glenn Campbell of the Misunderstood, Johnny Echols of LOVE, Ebbot Lundberg of the Soundtrack of Our Lives, the Nashville Ramblers, the […]

Bellydancing to LOUIE – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE is a very special dance performance by one of the great emerging young dancers!

RIP: Dick Clark, entertainment icon

Today, we lost Dick Clark, a man who made a mighty impact in the entertainment industry.

Before the Fabulous Wailers recorded LOUIE LOUIE with Rockin’ Robin Roberts, they had a successful hit record with “Tall Cool One” on Golden Crest Records. They ventured out from Tacoma to the East Coast in 1959, and one […]

Big Nate’s History Report with Paul Revere

The Big Nate comic strip starts the new year with a tip of the tri-cornered hat to Paul Revere & the Raiders!

… and that’s a GOOD THING!

RIP: Larry “Wild Man” Fischer

Today, I’m saddened to report another casualty in the music universe.

Larry “Wild Man” Fischer, as far as I know, didn’t record LOUIE LOUIE, nor did he have any obvious connections to the song.

Wild Man Fischer, was however, the very first musician to record for Rhino Records. The first release was a […]

Jim Valley in Indonesia – LOUIE of the Week

Jim Valley is what you’d call a “Northwest LOUIE LOUIE veteran.” Born in Tacoma, Washington, Jim joined the Viceroys during high school, playing guitar on the 1963 regional hit “Granny’s Pad.” In 1965 Valley joined Don & the Goodtimes, a Portland band formed by Don Gallucci, the original keyboardist for the Kingsmen. In 1966, […]

The (Temporary) Rebirth of a Recording Studio

Last week, as I read about the misinformation about the “Portland restaurant recording studio,” I thought it’d be good to properly acknowledge the actual studio, especially as was the location was recently transformed back into a recording studio again.

Sometime in April 1963, two very different musical groups decided to book a session at a […]

Mark Lindsay and a couple of Monkees- LOUIE of the Week

Hey, hey… it’s two of the Monkees backing up Mark Lindsay without any other Raiders!

Live from Sacramento, California at some kind of private party that I missed on August 4, 2010, it’s Mark Lindsay singing Richard Berry‘s most famous melody. Two out of four Monkees, namely Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork, are along […]

RIP: Mitch Miller, the Anti-LOUIE

Mitch Miller, the man who popularized sing-along performances before the invention of karaoke, has passed away at the age of 99 years old. He was was an American musician, singer, conductor, record producer, A&R man and record company executive. He was considered one of the most influential figures in American popular music during the […]

The NEW Drake Levin webpage

I recently provided some web design services for the family of Drake Levin with the creation of a new webpage. This is really an exciting project to be associated with, as I’m scanning a lot of archival photographs, and hearing some great stories about Drake.

Drake Levin was the guitar player for Paul […]