Brother Lincoln- spoof of Brother Louie

Just in case you missed it, on Saturday Night Live a few nights ago, Louis C.K. did a little spoof of his own “LOUIE” TV show, transforming Abraham Lincoln into a standup comedian. For the theme music, Ian Lloyd of the Stories did a revision of his hit song “Brother LOUIE,” which became “Brother […]

Ian Lloyd & Mary Wilson- LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE isn’t Richard Berry‘s classic melody, but the song “Brother Louie,” which is often mistaken for LOUIE LOUIE. Originally written by Errol Brown and Tony Wilson of the group Hot Chocolate, this song was a top 10 UK chart hit for the band in 1973, but it didn’t become a hit in States […]

Brother Louie by the Stories – LOUIE of the Week

Just clockwork, it seems like every two months I get an email from someone that wants to know about “a song called LOUIE LOUIE that’s not the Richard Berry song, and it’s sung by someone that they think sounds like Rod Stewart.”

Yup, I get all sorts of emails like that. Just like the emails […]

Ian Lloyd & the Stories – Brother LOUIE comes to California

Richard Berry‘s LOUIE LOUIE composition isn’t the only great song that uses the lyrical stanza of “Louie Louie.” There’s “Meet Me in St Louis, Louis,” a song written by Andrew B. Sterling and Kerry Mills in 1904, the subject of a 1944 movie starring Judy Garland. One can’t forget “Run Joe” a 1948 song by […]