Follow-up on Jack Ely & Courtmen at Ontario Armory

Jack Ely sent out a message to his friends after his big show at the Ontario Armory. He gave me permission to recycle these words, so here’s his report:

As most of you know by now, last weekend my old band and I played a benefit gig for the tri-county food bank at the Ontario […]

Eight more days ’til Courtmen show

For those of you that would like an opportunity to see the guy that sang LOUIE LOUIE with the Kingsmen, you’ve got a chance next weekend. Jack Ely, who left the band before it had the big hit, and wasn’t allowed to rejoin, is doing a big show with his Courtmen next weekend..

The National […]

Jack Ely to perform with the Courtmen in August

Last week, AP posted a story about Jack Ely, and the challenges of getting properly compensated for singing on the hit record with the Kingsmen.

I just found the official AP video on that story, so here it is…

For those of you keeping track…there’s another version of the song in this video.


The A.P. story on Jack Ely, Louie Louie, and money from music

My sister Ann, who shares a birthday with Jack Ely, was the first one to send me this story as shared by the Baltimore Sun:

Singers tell Congress: Money (That’s What I Want) By Ryan Nakashima | The Associated Press May 4, 2009 . Jack Ely, the singer whose 1963 version of “Louie Louie” still […]

The Performance Rights Act

Sometime within the next week or so, there will be a new LOUIE LOUIE story from Associated Press, highlighting Jack Ely‘s testimony for the United States Senate. Jack is pushing for better laws so he could receive more compensation from his original 1963 recording with the Kingsmen. Here’s a quick summary of a new law […]

Random Comments on the Music Biz

There’s a few comments I thought I’d share from some folks that know something about the music business.

First, my friend Jack Ely, former singer of the Kingsmen, voice of the world’s most recognizable LOUIE LOUIE recording, wrote an article for entitled “Stop Sobbing About Free Music Downloads.”

The suggestions that recordings are produced […]

California Games – LOUIE of the Week

This week, I’m necessarily sharing a version of LOUIE LOUIE that doesn’t necessarily excite me or entertain me. On the other hand, this week’s LOUIE of the Week doesn’t look like a typical bar band or another marching band. This is a version that I would categorize as “archival” or “historically-significant.”

It’s a version […]

Top 10 LOUIEs of the Year – Best of 2008

It’s late Wednesday afternoon, and I’m still swimming through a lot of stuff I really thought I would have finished weeks ago. I have projects I really hoped to wrap up by now, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

To make things even more complicated, I discovered this particular blog was victim to a […]

Jack Ely & Courtmen in Las Vegas 2008 – LOUIE of the Month

I’ve written about this year’s reunion of Jack Ely & the Courtmen at the The Sand Dollar Blues Room in Las Vegas back in October. The Courtmen was the band that Jack assembled after a court order prohibited him from using the Kingsmen name. As you may or may not know, Jack was the original […]

Pat Mason shares a little story

I’ve been sorting through a lot of videotapes, as I continue to work on this big documentary of mine. If it’s not one thing, it’s another thing that distracts me from the task of making faster progress with the editorial process. Hi8mm videotape, which was the primary format for production of this project during the […]