Wailers at Woodstick

The Wailers may not have reached their goal of 1,600+ guitars at the recent LouieFest, but it looks like they did reach a new world record for drummers. Getting 250+ drummers to perform LOUIE LOUIE is pretty darned cool, if you ask me…

Check out this YouTube clip from Woodstick 2007:



Over at the LOUIE LOUIE PARTY Yahoo group, there’s been some fairly active discussions lately, and some of this stuff was too good to not share. A theoretical question was asked about the “123-12-123-12” beat of LOUIE LOUIE…


RIP: Mark Marush, saxophonist for Wailers

I’m exhausted from two days of the LOUIE FEST. I met a lot of old friends, and new friends, including many I’ve first met via the web. When I get more time, I’ll be posting more photos, and possibly even some video links.

The sad news of the event was hearing that Mark Marush, […]

LOUIE FEST 2007- 1 day gone, 1 day left

Saturday was a great day to see old friends, and meet new ones. It was a cozy event, but as someone described it…. “we had clouds, not crowds!” Unfortunately, right in the middle of the day, a nasty thunderstorm broke loose, and the event was radically changed by an outburst of rain. After waiting out […]

It’s LOUIE LOUIE time!

Today is the first day of LOUIE FEST in Spanaway, Washington, and I’m very excited! This morning, the LOUIE REPORT roadshow is based 112 miles from the LOUIE at a very nice little motel called the Lewis River Inn in Woodland, Washington. I wish all moderately-priced hotels were as nice as this one. I’m especially […]

Countdown to the LOUIE FEST – 4 days to go..

Next weekend, I’ll be at the big LOUIE FEST up in the Tacoma, Washington region of the world…. the town of Spanaway, actually, participating in an event that willl attempt to bring over 1,000 guitars in one place to perform LOUIE LOUIE! I’ll be doing a solo road trip for this one, taking my clunker […]

The NEW LouieFest YouTube group!

Just to make it even easier for folks to submit videos to the upcoming LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest, I’ve just created a new YouTube group.

Ladies, and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce…. http://www.youtube.com/group/louiefest

Speaking of LOUIE, BBC TV did a little tee-vee segment on the subject of pirate radio. I certainly approve of the music […]

More on the LOUIE Video Contest!

This week we unveiled the official webpage for the First LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest, but we didn’t get around to sending out any notices until Friday.

Web design, especially when it involves a specialized online database, is not always as easy as it looks. It takes some time to iron out the kinks, zap […]

The LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest!

To celebrate the upcoming Louie Fest 2007, the organizers of the LouieFest have teamed up with LouieLouie.net, in conjunction with MOstuf Productions and Natalis Group to create the very first Plug-In LOUIE Video Contest! This contest shall be an interactive contest open to partipants out in cyberspace, as well as attendees of the festival […]

Recovering from LOUIE LOUIE Day – World Records and Louie Fest

Last week, the world celebrated April 11- International LOUIE LOUIE Day! It was quite an undertaking at the virtual headquarters of the LLAMAS organization, with the members scattered all over the globe, but we did it! Right now, we’re seeing a handful of reports of International LOUIE LOUIE Day out in cyberspace, including here, […]