My cruddy cartoons used for another video contest

It was about a month ago that I posted some cartoons I drew for a LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest. As you might have read, the contest deadline was extended until April 11, 2008, allowing folks a better opportunity to create an award-winning entry. I’m hoping to be bombarded with a whole of music videos […]

Update on E.P.’s Hard Drive Disaster

Ten days ago, I wrote about a terrible hard drive crash. Approximately 500 GB of data was potentially lost forever, as this was one particular hard drive I did not get around to backing up. By plugging in the wrong cord, I thought I destroyed my hard drive, and all the information on it.

It […]

Computer Tragedy at LOUIE Central

Tragedy has struck at LOUIE Central. Luckily, It’s not a death, or a medical emergency. On July 4th, there was an awful accident in San Franciso when Roisin Isner, a 16 year old drummer for the band Tinkture, lost her hand because some moron threw an M-80 explosive into a crowd of people. Robin’s father […]

The Future LOUIE Database

Right now as you’re reading this, I’ve got someone working on the creation of an online LOUIE LOUIE database. If this works out the way I have it intended, folks will be able to register at the new website to share information about all known versions of the song LOUIE LOUIE, and be able to […]

Still blown away by YouTube.

In the course of my LOUIE LOUIE research, I’ve made a lot of really great friends over the years. One of my friends in particular is a die-hard music collector. His house is a virtual treasure chest of of obscure vinyl, concert posters, music history books, odd memorabilia, and an assortment of rare recordings that […]

More on LL Day + MySpace (Amazing Social Network? or Time-Sucking Distraction?)

If you click on this graphic, you will see a homemade video from Tim Hermanson celebrating LOUIE LOUIE Day. This is a featured video at Funny Entertainment – the Comedy Network, which is based at It’s nice to see some media coverage of this very special day, and we thank Tim for paying […]

Hail Hail, Wanda Jackson

I recently did a little video test with a small consumer still camera. I’d been reading about a versatile little Panasonic- Leica Lumix TZ1 camera over at Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools webpage, so I decided to pick up one of these little units to replace my tired old Nikon digicam.

Rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson […]

What a week!

It’s been a busy week over at LOUIE Central. I wish I could say I was spending more time on production of the documentary, but there have been a variety of distractions.

Mold and mildew were an unexpected diversion this week. I discovered that the closet of my very crowded living space had some serious […]

Can YOU do LOUIE LOUIE on a Ravezooka?

Check out the description of the Ravezooka, courtesy of We Make Money Not Art, recycled on BoingBoing, and brought back to you on these very pages:

The Ravezooka is a musical weapon that shoots powerful “hardcore” sounds based on your target’s distance from the instrument.

Squeezing the trigger handle initiates sound and a […]

YouTube purges 30,000 Videos over copyright

Hot off the presses from Yahoo News:

TOKYO – The popular video-sharing site YouTube deleted nearly 30,000 files after a Japanese entertainment group complained of copyright infringement.

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, found 29,549 video clips such as television shows, music videos and movies posted on YouTube’s site without permission, […]