Mike’s Amazing MySpace LOUIE LOUIE List

My friend Mike Hintze assembled an incredible list of MySpace pages that feature a version of LOUIE LOUIE!

OK, here’s a little LL Day present for you all. Over the past several months, I’ve managed to find a whole bunch of new LL versions from bands’ MySpace pages. Here are the links for those pages that have had LL versions. Some of these may be a few months old, and I haven’t had a chance to check them to see if they are still live or whther the LL version is still posted on the page.

WOW! Seriously… WOW!!!

Here’s Mike’s list, with all comments and opinions courtesy of Mike.

Abstract Reason
Croton On Hudson, New York

Bridgwater, Southwest, United Kingdom

The Acid Kids
Kidderminster/Ludlow/Bridgnorth, Midlands, United Kingdom

Agrussive Productions (feat. Miles and Aleks)
Morristown, New Jersey, United States

Alex J
Goshen, Indiana


Anacortes High School Marching Band
Anacortes, Washington

Anus Livercide
United States

Argo Metalloid
Plant City, Florida

The Arousers
United Kingdon

Paca, France
Worth a listen. Very nice.

The Ballistics

Banana Hammers
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Bar Tabac
Paris, France

Bass Metals
Leicester, Midlands, England

The Best
Portland/Augusta/Brownville, Maine

The Big EZ (aka Bueford)
Bayonne, New Jersey

Birkdale High Jazz Band
Northwest, United Kingdom

Bits and Pieces
Alpena, Michigan

Blasted Boyz / Pat Moriarity
Port Orchard, Washington, United States

Blow Up

Booder Brooks and the White Boys
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

BoomBox Tragedy
Anaheim, California

Broken Crayons

The Bugs
Chicago, Illinois

Captain Thunderbolt
Leicester, Midlands, United Kingdom

Carteret High School Rambler Marching Band
Carteret, New Jersey

Caution Wet 4
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Central-Carroll Marching Pride
Carrollton, Georgia

The Chris Chester Group
Auvergne, France

Clearfield Bison Marching Band
Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Cobalt Blue
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Cosmic Mud
Victoria, Australia

Crazy 8

Creep Committee
San Pedro, California

Crime Party
Brooklyn & Bangor, United States

The Cycle Paths
Clowne & Sth Sheffield, Midlands, United Kingdom

goose creek

De Niro

The Death of Tomorrow
Alden, New York

Death Wagon Jonas
Leeds, United Kingdom

Dice play
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France

Dirty White Boys
British Columbia, Canada

DJ Homay
Damascus, Maryland, United States

DJ Jive
Hollywood, CA / New Orleans, LA

Dublin Jerome High School Marching Band
Dublin, Ohio

Berlin, Germany

El Bomb
Athol, New York

The Essence of Sound
Hawley, Pennsylvania

Evil Hoo-Doo
Kansas City, Missouri

The Excuses
Olympia, Washington

Fatherton Laizzorz
United States

The Folkees
Sautron, Pays de la Loire, France

The Frankenorphans
United Kingdom

The Glichtones
New York, New York

Golgotha – Louie Louie
Oceanside, California

Guilty Innocence
Mineral Ridge, Ohio

The Guys – “The Guys”
Bremen, Germany

Head Banned
Royal Oak

Helter Skelter
Long Beach, California

Akron, Ohio

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

I Forget
Arlington, Virginia

Ian Douglas (IanMojo)
Newcastle, Northeast, United Kingdom

Indian Creek High School Marching Band
Mingo Junction, Ohio

Treviso, Italy

Isaac, Ryan, and Noah
Goshen, Indiana

The J.B.G’s.
Pekin, Illinois

Jacob Tsypkin
Pacific Grove, California

Jahmia Mackerl
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

JaPetto / Kingsmen – Louie Louie remix
Golden, British Columbia, Canada

Mouthfull, Tennessee

Justin Olds
United States

The Kerbcrawlers
United Kingdom

The Kickin’ The Habit Band
Brookline, Massachusetts

King Midas and the Mufflers
McPherson, Kansas

Kinon Music – Louie Louie / Billie Jean
Atlanta, Georgia

The Knockouts
Phoenix, Arizona

Les Proscrits

Les Raymonds
Chamarande – La Ferté Alais, France

Lethal Injection – Louie Louie Gets the Bomb Bomb
Rosedale, Maryland

The Lycans
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Mandatory Overtime
Omaha, Nebraska

Redwood City, California, United States

The Me and Thems
Turners Falls, Massachusetts

Misspent Youth
Pays de la Loire, France

Mixed Input
Woodinville, Washington

Modesty Blaze
Valencia, Spain

Monkey Shakers
Fabriano-Sassoferrato, Ancona, Italy

Murray Rock Band
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Musical Maniacs
Middleboro, Massachusetts, United States

Nate Heffron
Chicago/Peoria/Tennessee, Illinois

No Diet Soda
Spencer, North Carolina

Lille, France

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Otis Coyote
Kidderminster, United Kingdom
Great version!!!

Out of the Blue
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

The Outta Place
New York, NY

Paulin Bros with Smith and Ryan
Pekin, Illinois

The Phantom Knights
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Phil Mendoza

The Moondynes
Perth/Armadale/Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia

O’apao’pu and A’opoa’pu

The One Electronic
Glendale, Arizona, United States

Peak Fraeans
Beverly Hills, California

The Pentaject Corporation
Chicago, Illinois

Phlitman & Kangaroo
Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Very strange, and not in a good way

The Pit
Chelmsford, MA

Psycho Babble Rejects
Middle Village, New York

Radio Enigma

Red Light District
Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France

The Regelportal’s
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Richmond High School Band Class 01
Richmond, Michigan, United States

Rick Raymond
Bologna, Italy

Riot Pipes
Denver, Colorado

Rock in Mod
Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile

Rock The Light
Sacramento, California

Ruby Red And The Gems
Boston, Massachusetts

Kenwood, California

Buxton, Midlands, United Kingdom

Scumbag Yardsale
Rhode Island, United States

The Shawnee Marching Band Of Pride
Springfield, Ohio, United States

The Sickness
Boston, Massachusetts

Sister Rays
Brighton N Hove, South, United Kingdom

Six Shooter
Greentown, Newfoundland, PA

The Skamunists
Redneck Dena, Maryland

Smock – “We’re not gonna stop playing”
Rohnert Park, California

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Tagada Georgette
Cherbourg-Clitourps-Tourlaville-Montaigu, Basse-Normandie, France

Takerman produckyz – Takerman Louie Louie remix
United Kingdom

Tony Lambert
Northeast, United Kingdom

Beaverton, Michigan, United States

Tripp Avenue – Summertime Louie Louie
Alsip, Illinois

Centreville, Maryland

The Ugly Narcissist
Madrid, Spain

Uzd Karz

Virgin Subjects
Paris, Ile-de-France

The Viscerals
Quebec, Canada

Vodka George
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Voodoo Kiss
Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

VSG – Louie Louie Jam
Boston, Massachusetts

Wild Horses – Louie Louie
Norwood, Massachusetts

The 13th Street Luckies

Elmwood Park, Illinois

Somonauk, Illinois

There were several marching band pages with Louie Louie versions that I did not list here. In some cases it was clear that a high school or junior high band put up the pages and posted versions of songs by more “professional” bands so that their members could hear what the songs they are playing are supposed to sound like. In other cases, it’s a bit harder to tell, but it seems pretty likely that they are not unique versions.

Here’s one example:
Ball Junior High (BJH) Band Geeks – “Class of 2006-2007”
I suspect this one is not really by this band. It seems too tight for a junior high band. Probably some other marching band version.

Finally, there are several tracks called “Louie Louie” or that have “Louie Louie” in the title, but they are not really versions of the Louie Louie by Richard Berry. Here are a few:

Saturday Night Drunken Barbecue Jam Band – Black Sabbath Louie Louie medley
Carmichael, California, United States
Not sure what the Louie Louie reference in the title is for

Dj S.P. – Louie Louie Temperature
NN, Virginia
Not LL – Appears to be a remix of a song called “temperature” that uses the organ from the Kingsmen LL version as part of the mix

G I N O – Louie Louie
Lithonia, Georgia
Not LL – Rap song with a bit of Brother Louie in the chorus

Frankie Curac – Louie Louie
Wellington, New Zealand
Not LL

LOUIE LOUIE community on Facebook

For those of you that are using the Facebook social network, there’s now two new places where a LOUIE LOUIE suporter can visit – the LOUIE LOUIE Party, and the Richard Berry Facebook page.

Facebook LOUIE LOUIE Party

Facebook Richard Berry page

Obviously, Richard Berry is not a participant on Facebook, as he passed away in 1997, but this is a good place to share memories, and learn about future projects involving his music.

The LOUIE LOUIE Party is a community forum, where folks can share LOUIE-specific stories, theories, histories, photos, videos, and links.

Both pages are open to anyone with a Facebook account. Click on the boxes to visit these pages.

E.P.’s 100th YouTube clip

Anyone that knows me knows I’ve been shooting video for many years. I’ve shot a lot of footage of a lot of different entertainers – musicians, poets, comedians, and friends.

Certainly not everything is related to my big LOUIE project.

While video production is my livelihood that provides me an occasional paycheck, I do create a lot of video for various musicians, simply because I love what they’re doing, and want to preserve certain special moments for posterity. I’ve got an extensive archive of footage that goes back for over twenty years.

I do love YouTube. It’s a great chance to get the immediate gratification of sharing this material with others, and I love the idea of having friends all over the world appreciate what I’m doing.

Today, I posted my 100th YouTube clip. It’s some previously-unseen video of one of favorite local San Jose bands from early 1990s- the Guttersluts, doing a medley of Spinal Tap songs, including a personal favorite, “Gimme Some Money.”

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Kronic Mind in 1983- LOUIE of the Week

To start off the new year with a bang, I’ve decided to release some rare footage from my archives.

Exactly two weeks before the infamous Maximum: LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC and long before I ever dreamed about researching this song for an epic documentary, I borrowed some video equipment to shoot a little performance of some friends at a KFJC Open Mike performance.

Kronic Mind was the band, which was a collective of different people that liked to screw around with this crazy experimental music stuff. Kelly Smith, was a super-talented singer-songwriter that played with the R.B. Firebirds, and later formed Gunga Din, and the Land Pirates, two pop music groups that really deserved greater recognition in a more perfect universe. Bassist Butthouse went on to bigger and better things after this little group, playing with the Limbomaniacs, MCM & the Monster, Buckethead, Bootsy Collins, Maceo Parker, and a ton of other musical projects I just can’t keep track of. Host/co-conspirator Paul K., aka Buddy Awreetus, worked with various other bands, and created the Rarefaction company responsible for the popular “A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick” music library.

As things would turn out, this particular video clip turned out to be the very first time I ever shot any video footage of ANY band performing LOUIE LOUIE. This particular edit I’m sharing, which has never been seen prior to this upload, marks the first time the audio of the live radio broadcast was synched up with the audio of the video. I had to do a bit of work to make this work, as my radio recording, which was broadcast as LOUIE #249 of the KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, was on a cassette tape that was converted to the digital domain, edited out of a 45 minute chunk by my friend Theo de Grood of the Netherlands, and then brought into my Final Cut Pro video edit system, where the speed was adjusted to 103.43 % to match up with the original 3/4″ videotape recording. The audio combines both sources, as I thought the original radio feed was a bit too polished, and needed more of the chaos going on in the studio.

So there you go.. a worldwide premiere of a performance that took place over 25 years ago!

This shall be the first LOUIE of the Week for 2009! Enjoy!
… and you recognize yourself or anyone you know in this video, drop me an email, why don’t cha? It’s been awhile….

Pat Mason shares a little story

I’ve been sorting through a lot of videotapes, as I continue to work on this big documentary of mine. If it’s not one thing, it’s another thing that distracts me from the task of making faster progress with the editorial process. Hi8mm videotape, which was the primary format for production of this project during the 1990’s, has been a real nightmare to deal with. When I finish this project, I could probably write a book on just the tech challenges I’ve had to deal with – tape drop-outs, sound synch issues, PCM audio playback problems, and so much more. It would have been nice if I had the budget to shoot everything with Betacam SP back then, but I didn’t always have that luxury. Digital video in 2008 is soooooo much easier to deal than the various formats I’ve used in the course of this project. Kids starting video today probably don’t realize how easy they’ve got it….

in spite of all the headaches I’ve had to deal with, I do get a lot of gratification looking at the footage that I’ve captured that nobody else has. I’ve been able to gather some great stories from many people that are no longer with us, and that feels absolutely wonderful.

Today, I’ve decided to share a portion of my interview with Pat Mason, who died in 2001 at the age of 93 years old. This is a little story Pat shared about working with Little Richard and Fats Domino in Yakima, Washington during the 1950’s. This is from an interview took place at Pat’s home in Seaside, Oregon in October 1996.


Pat Mason was one of the most influential booking agents in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Richard Berry could all thank Pat Mason for setting up their very first shows in that region, as well as countless other musicians too numerous to mention. Willie Nelson was hired by Pat as a disc jockey for a radio station in Vancouver, Washington. Gene Vincent spent a year living in Pat Mason’s basement. Paul Revere & the Raiders hired Pat Mason as a tour manager when they became big rock stars signed to Columbia Records. After Jack Ely left the Kingsmen, it was Pat Mason that talked Jack into assembling “Jack Ely & the Kingsmen” to cash in on the public appetite for “Louie Louie.”

I’ve got some great stories from Pat, and this little clip is the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps after I finish this LOUIE project, I’ll allow some of this material to be used for another project. Or maybe I’ll just include these interviews as part of the bonus material for the eventual “MEANING OF LOUIE” DVD package. We’ll see…

You can read all about Pat’s amazing career at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame page.

I’ve been BOOT-LEGGED! (reasons for annoying credits over video)

I suppose it should be considered a form of flattery when someone borrows someone else’s material for their own creation. It looks like I’ve been bootlegged! Here’s my footage of Richard Berry in Mountain View from 1989, recycled by someone else on YouTube.

This looks like some kind of TV show from Asturias, which is a region of Spain. Looking at the description for the Con2DeAzucarTpa YouTube channel, I see this description:

Canal oficial del magazine de las mañanas de la Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias.

As I don’t read Spanish, I used Google Language Tools to come up with this translation:

Official channel of the magazine teleradio morning of the Principality of Asturias.

There’s also the Con 2 de azúcar webpage, which shows they are a genuine television show.

I guess this company doesn’t like to go through the proper legal channels of licensing material? If you look at my original YouTube clip, you’ll see that I’m quite clear about the copyright at the beginning of the video. In the original text description, I thought it was pretty obvious that this footage was NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN. It seems that some folks chose to ignore those credits, or were just plain stupid.

Lately, I’ve been adding a “LouieLouie.net” graphic to more of my video clips, just to remind folks that this material is not public domain, and should not be distributed outside of my authorized websites without my permission. On some of my earlier YouTube videos, such as this Richard Berry clip, I’ve put a simple copyright graphic only at the beginning of the clip, but it looks I may have to resort to putting a graphic over the entire clip more often, as some folks will ignore ownership issues. It’s too bad some folks have so little respect for those that created unique programming. I guess they figured that if I’m on the other side of the world, I would have a hard time going after them for copyright infringements?

It would be nice if the folks at Con 2 de azúcar would send me a check for licensing this material for their television program, but I certainly won’t hold my breath waiting for any type of compensation.

Working the “internets” – social networking with E.P.

Figuring out how to best utilize the internet, as the internet figures out how to figure itself out, is a very interesting concept to explore. It’s still the “wild west” on various levels out in cyberspace; still a very young frontier, open for the visionaries to develop. While many companies have established what seem to be solid foundations out in cyberspace, creating the new default norms of 21st culture, I can’t help but ask myself…. are these norms that we have, right now, really going to exist as we know it in years to come? Will eBay continue to be the world’s biggest open market for folks to sell their unwanted items? Will Google still be the big dog of search engines, and control so many other aspects of the internet universe? Will AOL, which was once the brightest star of the internet, ever regain it’s iconic stature?

Of all the various internet destinations out in cyberspace, the social networking sites seem to be the intriguing options for a dynamic exchange of information. In my experiences of joining various social networks, it’s been a interesting, albeit mixed experience.

My Twitter account provides a fascinating experience. This very large, albeit buggy social network of micro-bloggers is an interesting way to explore short 140-character summaries of what different people are doing right now. Where else can I read the micro-blogs of Henry Rollins, Roger McGuinn, Dick DeBartolo (MAD magazine), Leo Laporte, Soupy Sales, Ducky Doolittle, Kevin Kelly, the San Francisco Zoo and a handful of others, all in one place? I have no idea how long this operation will last, as there’s no obvious economic model to support the expensive reality of an overburdened webserver. I just don’t think advertising revenue alone will support this, but it is an interesting experiment to behold.

My eBay account is certainly a very powerful internet networking resource that provided me with the biggest payoffs. Not only have been able to establish an online garage sale to sell my unwanted items, but I’ve actually used it for research purposes. I’ve taken advantage of some of certain item descriptions, using this information as launching point to find more information.

Paypal, the affiliate financial partner of eBay, has helped me with a variety of international business transactions, bypassing the old method of money transfers.

My LinkedIn account is my online resource for connecting with fellow working professionals.

Technorati seems to be a good way to see how my blog is being tracked by other blogs.

Embracing the MySpace universe took some serious adjusting. I wasn’t a fan of the corporate owner, and I hated the interface for changing the layout. After breaking down and joining this thing over a year ago, I’m tickled to see that this network is actually useful for what I’m doing. I’ve linked up with some old friends that I haven’t heard from in decades, and I’m actually having some fun being a part of this.

Of course, I can’t forget my YouTube channel. I’m having really having a lot of fun posting a lot of my video clips online for the world to see. Recently, I changed the settings on my channel, placing a bigger emphasis on my YouTube playlists, which allows folks to see videos related to specific projects and topics. I’ve now got a playlist entitled “Meaning of LOUIE excerpts and outtakes,” as well as other playlists dedicated to “San Jose underground 1980s-1990s,” “Goofy Stuff,” and something called “Other Great LOUIEs,” which is a collection of LOUIE clips I’ve found on YouTube.

Sometime, I’ll probably spend the time to figure out Digg, Facebook, RSS, Delicious, Pluck, Feedster, Buzz, Blorp, Belch, and Spew, but not today.

Are there any other social networks you’d consider worthwhile? Feel free to add your comments.

Beware of disappearing YouTube clips

From the very first time I discovered YouTube, I wondered how long it would take before the major copyright owners would make some serious noise to stop the unauthorized distribution of their video programming. From what I could see, at least 50% of the material didn’t come directly from actual filmmakers, but collectors that just wanted to share video clips of their favorite TV shows. When YouTube was sold to Google, I could forsee that copyright clearances would only become an even bigger issue as YouTube solidified its position as the number one website on the internet for video clips.

As an archivist, I’ve discovered some absolutely amazing videos at YouTube, many of which I had no idea even existed until I saw them on YouTube. I continue to use YouTube for research purposes, and I’ve also had a lot of fun sharing old videos with friends I haven’t seen in many years.

YouTube is truly one of the great cyberspace pioneers that’s revolutionized the way people use the internet.

Like most dedicated users of YouTube, I’ve saved my list of favorites. This week, I took a closer a look at my list, and discovered many of favorites were no longer available.

dead YouTube clips

What’s an archivist to do?

I recommend that one learns how to download clips from YouTube, and other flash-video-based websites. I wrote about how to do such a thing back in March 2006. Despite what some folks may believe, downloading these clips isn’t that difficult, but it does take some time.

I also encourage folks to buy the legitimate video products if they actually exist. As a video producer that’s been ripped off by illegitimate traders, I don’t appreciate thievery. On the other hand, if you cannot buy the official products at any price, then it’s up to the archivists to preserve the good stuff.

My cruddy cartoons used for another video contest

a silly cartoon by Eric Predoehl

It was about a month ago that I posted some cartoons I drew for a LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest. As you might have read, the contest deadline was extended until April 11, 2008, allowing folks a better opportunity to create an award-winning entry. I’m hoping to be bombarded with a whole of music videos between now and then, created by people inspired by the power of LOUIE LOUIE

I recently allowed some of my friends to use these cartoons for a special “Ballad of Molly Ivins Songwriting Contest.” You can see these drawings at Raise Hell For Molly Ivins.org.

Molly Ivins was a wonderfully opinionated progressive political columnist that died earlier this year. She wrote some rather funny things about our current president, including the books Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush’s America and Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush. Back in the 1990s, she was part of an ongoing commentary segment on 60 Minutes, sharing the soapbox with two other writers Stanley Crouch, and P. J. O’Rourke.

In her last column before she succumbed to breast cancer, she urged citizens to take to streets, banging pots and pans, demanding an end to the needless deaths.

Those that know me, know that I lean towards the progressive end of the political spectrum. During the 2004 election, I probably alienated more than a few of my friends with my opinions, as I struggled to keep my political beliefs out of this cyber-showcase for one of greatest rock and roll songs of all time.

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Update on E.P.’s Hard Drive Disaster

Ten days ago, I wrote about a terrible hard drive crash. Approximately 500 GB of data was potentially lost forever, as this was one particular hard drive I did not get around to backing up. By plugging in the wrong cord, I thought I destroyed my hard drive, and all the information on it.

It was the kind of thing that really affected me deeply. I was extremely miserable, imagining that I lost big chunks of my documentary. I spent too many hours on this material, and it drove me crazy not being able to access any of it.

Today, I have good news to report. It appears that I have been able to recover all of my files from my LaCie external hard drive. For those that want to read about my trials and tribulations, I’ve written up a summary of happened, as I’m hoping this type of information may help other deal with similar predicaments. Then again, this type of information is not recommended for the technically challenged, so I wouldn’t blame you if you chose to skip it. It’s your choice…
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