RIP: Rip Spencer of Marvin & Johnny, the Valiants, more..

“Rip” Sheridan Spencer of Marvin & Johnny, The Valiants, the Chavelles, the Sabers, the Gents, and the Untouchables is dead.

The Los Angeles Times had a simple obituary with no real mention of his musical career.

Sheridan Spencer, a 70-year-old black man, was shot and killed Wednesday, Dec. 9, in the 1600 block […]

The Gun Club in 1984 – LOUIE of the Week, maybe the Year?

My friend Theo de Grood of The LOUIE LOUIE Pages sent a message to the LOUIE Yahoo group that was too good to not share on this LOUIE blog…

Yesterday I bought the European 2CD extended edition of the 1984 Gun Club album ‘The Las Vegas Story’. Another one of those shamefully underestimated bands […]

Whole lotta Zappa

As administrator of a website that receives a lot of traffic from fellow Frank Zappa fans, I feel it is my duty to pass along some information about a special auction that just started.

Here’s some recycled words from a press release:

For all of the Zappa webmasters, fanatical fans and serious collectors, we’d […]

The Bangles in 1984- LOUIE of the Week

Here’s one I misssed the first time around – it’s The Bangles doing a sloppy version of LOUIE LOUIE as part of the I.R.S. Cutting Edge TV show on MTV sometime in 1984.

LOUIE kicks in at 1:54 of this clip…


Benefit for Paul Williams- Sunday in San Francisco

For the past two weeks, I’ve been away from home, helping a dear friend with a big move to Southern California. This weekend, I’m coming back home just in time to attend a very special benefit concert.

This Sunday at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco, there’s going to be a benefit concert […]

The Sonics in Long Beach!

Last year, I saw an amazing performance by the Sonics, a band I never expected to see reunite.

It looks like I have another chance to see them again next month…

This Ink-N-Iron Festival sounds like quite a soiree out in Long Beach, CA next month. It’ll be a hodgepodge of tattoos, hot rods, […]

Dick Dale – LOUIE of the Week

Dick Dale is an amazing guitarist. He shares some common histories with Richard Berry, the man who wrote LOUIE LOUIE. Both musicians performed at the Harmony Park Ballroom. Both musicians utilized the Rillera Brothers to back them up whenever they performed at this venue.

Dick Dale was bound to do a version of LOUIE LOUIE, […]

Chess Records docu-drama feature film

I just saw an interesting trailer for the upcoming feature “Cadillac Records,” which is a docu-drama about Chess Records, which was the label that released big hits by Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, and Bo Diddley.

The big name in this production is Etta James, whose life story in this production will be […]

Instant Replay @ Disneyland – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s winner of the LOUIE OF THE WEEK award goes out to the band Instant Replay, who performed LOUIE LOUIE at Disneyland on August 12, 2008. Big thanks out to YouTuber halos5 for sharing this one.

By the way, the song LOUIE LOUIE was actually written in Anaheim, about a mile or so […]

RIP: Lloyd Thaxton, host of 60’s TV dance show

Last Sunday, Lloyd Thaxton, host of a popular Los Angeles TV dance show in the 1960s, passed away at the age of 81. After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma back in May, he passed away at his home in Studio City, survived by his wife, Barbara.

The Los Angeles Times provided a nice […]