The Douchebags create “1,784th Version of LOUIE LOUIE” and win LOUIE of the Week award

Today, this week’s LOUIE of the Week award goes out to a band that is both funny, imaginative, and quite annnoying.

Ladies, and gentlemen, meet The Douchebags, performing what they are calling “The 1,784th Version of LOUIE LOUIE!”

The Douchebags are a punk rock band from Akron, Ohio, and you can hear more […]

RIP: Ricardo Montalbán, best actor in LOUIE LOUIE tragic death category

Actor Ricardo Montalbán has passed away today at the age of 88. In the LOUIE LOUIE circles, he is best known for the role of Vincent Ludwig in the 1988 movie “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!”, playing an evil villain that died after being shot by Leslie Nielson, falling from […]

Top 10 LOUIEs of the Year – Best of 2008

It’s late Wednesday afternoon, and I’m still swimming through a lot of stuff I really thought I would have finished weeks ago. I have projects I really hoped to wrap up by now, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

To make things even more complicated, I discovered this particular blog was victim to a […]

RIP: Lloyd Thaxton, host of 60’s TV dance show

Last Sunday, Lloyd Thaxton, host of a popular Los Angeles TV dance show in the 1960s, passed away at the age of 81. After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma back in May, he passed away at his home in Studio City, survived by his wife, Barbara.

The Los Angeles Times provided a nice […]

Jack Ely of Kingsmen enters Hall of Fame (?)

I love my spies. Today, my pal Pamela Meyer, who runs Alchemy Jewelry of Brooklyn, sent me an article from the Chicago Tribune about the topic of mangled lyrics. Here’s a few excerpts that seemed LOUIE-worthy:

On the few occasions when I’ve checked, a song’s actual lyrics turn out to be less interesting that my […]

RIP: George Carlin, an honest comedian

As I got home late Sunday night / early Monday morning, I checked my email and got the word that George Carlin had died at the age of 71 years old.

I can think of seven words to describe what I’m feeling about George’s death, and they’re definitely not suitable for broadcast.

Nine years […]

Google News in a better world

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with LOUIE LOUIE, but I really love’s Imaginary Google News.

Wish it were true….

Two LOUIE theatrical productions in NY?? WOW!

There’s not one, but TWO theatrical productions focusing on LOUIE LOUIE coming up real soon….

FIRST.. Stomp and Shout (an’ Work it All out) By James Carmichael, directed by Geordie Broadwater opening Sunday, June 1, 2008 Upstairs at the 45th Street Theatre

New York: Babel Theatre Productions (Geordie Broadwater, Artistic Director, Jeremy Blocker, Producing Director […]

Til There Was Loo ?

I stumbled upon an amazing impersonator by the name of Stevie Riks on YouTube.

As this is a website that celebrates “all things LOUIE,” I figured I might have a little fun sharing his interpretation of Paul McCartney doing “Tis There Was LOU (or LOO).” This is really silly stuff…

Truth be told, […]

Louie Louie- the musical comedy

A few months ago, I mentioned a LOUIE LOUIE musical comedy stage production written by Larry Cutrone.

Here’s a little video clip of that show as performed by The Theatre at Wilkie Hall 2006. Yes, there is a little performance of THE SONG.