Happy B-Day for Stretch & Iggy Pop- LOUIE of the week

Today, it’s a birthday celebration for Iggy Pop, punk rock icon, and Jeff “Stretch” Riedle, owner of the world’s largest collection of LOUIE LOUIE recordings.

Truth be told, I do blame Stretch for getting me into this LOUIE LOUIE mess. If it weren’t for that Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC many years ago, I […]

The amazing Don Gallucci and his progressive rock band

Don Gallucci is a familiar name in the LOUIE LOUIE universe. He was the original keyboardist for the Kingsmen during the recording of “LOUIE LOUIE.” He might have stayed in the Kingsmen, touring all over the country to promote their big hit record if only his parents didn’t force him to stay in high […]

From Russia, the Cafe Blues Band win LOUIE of the Week Award!

Thanks to my pal Mike Hintze, I just discovered one of the coolest new versions of LOUIE LOUIE!

The Cafe Blues Band is a musical group from Russia. Their website has this description:

Группа ‘Кафе-blues’ образовалась в ноябре 1998 года. Идея создания группы возникла спонтанно, после очередного распития крепких горячительных напитков. Стиль творчества и […]

Rock ‘n Roll Overload – Iggy & the Stooges, the UnBand Documentary

It’s been quite a week to absorb some amazing rock and roll performances. On Saturday, April 21, I caught the reunited Stooges show at the Warfield in San Francisco. As luck would have it, it was also a big birthday party for Iggy Pop, who turned 60 years old that day. I’ve seen a […]

Iggy and the contract rider

Good ol’ Iggy Pop. Never let it be said that he didn’t have a sense of humor.

The Smoking Gun has a copy of the 18 page contract rider used by Iggy & the Stooges for their recent tour. Damn, this is very funny stuff. Page 12 is dedicated to guys like myself that […]

More Iggy Pop in 2006

Is the world ready for MORE Iggy Pop? Why the frick not? Look at this jar of peanut butter? Is this not one of the coolest promotional products you’ve ever seen? I want one of these! Big thanks to IggyPop.org and Harp magazine for spotting this item. If anyone out there in cyberspace has […]

Iggy Pop on French TV

It’s always a pleasure to find a version of LOUIE LOUIE by Iggy Pop. Here’s a version from French TV, courtesy of YouTube.com. I have no idea what date this aired, what channel, but I’m guessing it occurred sometime around the American Caesar album.


Happy Day- Iggy Pop and Stretch Riedle!

OK, if either one of you two guy want to spend all day lounging around in your birthday suit, I guess it’s OK….

More April Connections- Three Heroes of LOUIE

In the posting before last, I mentioned some factoids connected to the month of April. Here’s some special April days I’d like to add to the list.

Today, Thursday, April 13 is the big birthday for Dick Peterson, vocalist & drummer for the Kingsmen. April 13 is also the birthday for Duane Eddy, Jack Casady […]

New Iggy Pop DVD

Last week, I visited a local record store and discovered an all-new Iggy Pop DVD that features THE SONG.

LIVE AT AVENUE B is a live concert video DVD of a 1999 concert in Brussels. The quality is quite excellent in all aspects- video production, sound fidelity, and performance from the man himself. There’s […]