Music, Empowerment and Liberation

I love hearing stories about music and empowerment. Last weekend, I saw a film that embraced such concepts.

The Singing Revolution is the story of the non-violent path Estonia took to free itself from Soviet occupation. This is a documentary about a little nation that stood up for its freedom using the power of music. […]

Yoko Ono vs Ben Stein

Clearances for documentaries can be a total nightmare. I know these things, as I’ve been working on my LOUIE documentary for many years. Clearances and financing remains a major obstacle.

I’ve always tried to do the right thing. I’ve respected the rights of musicians, fellow filmmakers, and those that own or manage certain properties whose […]

New film from the creator of this website

It’s not always “all LOUIE” from the folks at LOUIE LOUIE central. Nope, sometimes there’s other projects that have absolutely nothing to do with Richard Berry‘s immortal rock song, unless of course you use the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” principle, which means, of course, that everything in the universe could be actually tied somehow […]

A unique short music documentary

A few weeks ago, we had the Academy Awards. I still haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but one of these days, I plan on checking out the show, recorded for posterity on a little DVD-R.

One thing I did catch was the presentation for the best animated short film. There was one nominated film […]

Let’s Get Lost and other future E.P. eBay auctions

I do need to thin out my massive collection. I have a lot of things in my archive, and I am running out of room in a crowded little house. Then again, there’s also that “lack of money” thing. I’m still grumbling about missing the Sonics reunion in New York tonight. If certain folks would […]

If you liked the BBC radio show…

I’ve had a handful of emails regarding the BBC radio documentary on the song LOUIE LOUIE. They did a pretty good job of summarizing the LOUIE LOUIE story.

If you enjoyed listening to this show, I’d like to encourage you to support my upcoming film-video documentary, which takes this story to a whole new […]

Rock ‘n Roll Overload – Iggy & the Stooges, the UnBand Documentary

It’s been quite a week to absorb some amazing rock and roll performances. On Saturday, April 21, I caught the reunited Stooges show at the Warfield in San Francisco. As luck would have it, it was also a big birthday party for Iggy Pop, who turned 60 years old that day. I’ve seen a […]

More on LL Day + MySpace (Amazing Social Network? or Time-Sucking Distraction?)

If you click on this graphic, you will see a homemade video from Tim Hermanson celebrating LOUIE LOUIE Day. This is a featured video at Funny Entertainment – the Comedy Network, which is based at It’s nice to see some media coverage of this very special day, and we thank Tim for paying […]

E.P. and the Art of Music Documentaries

WARNING: The latest blog entry contains little information pertaining to the song LOUIE LOUIE, or actual production on the upcoming documentary. Things have been very busy, so please check back in another week or two for such information.

If you are offended by racy language…. please don’t bother reading this one…


Adventures in the LOUIE LOUIE Universe

The very first LOUIE LOUIE photo-comic blog entry, featuring yours truly as the narrator:

With a tip of the hat to ComicLife, a very fun piece of software that allowed me to transform still photographs, video frame grabs, and and various graphics into the comic strip you see […]