Follow-up on the Michigan marching band story

Earlier this month, there was quite a bit of buzz regarding the story of the marching band in Michigan that was not allowed to play LOUIE LOUIE. On May 5th, a day normally associated with Mexico’s Cinco deMayo festivities, the website was bombarded with traffic, thanks in part to what happened in Benton Harbor, […]

A very busy week at LOUIE central

This LOUIE project has provided a very interesting ride. When I first started this thing, I really knew absolutely nothing about LOUIE LOUIE, the career of Richard Berry, the Pacific Northwest rock scene, or this mysterious band known as the “Kingsmen.” Since I’ve been involved with this thing, I’ve dug up a lot of material […]

The marching band story

When it came to email, Thursday was a day that I was absolutely drenched with attention in the aftermath of the Michigan high school marching band story. In case you missed this news item, here’s what happened:

A pop culture controversy that has simmered for decades came to a head when a middle school marching […]